misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

A time away

"Duchess!" called the admiral to me, knocking at my workroom door, "Let me in!" When do I ever not? I open the door. "We must away to New York City." Burney society, JASNA friends "I bought tickets for plays" (ahead!). "The train leaves at 7:37 am." Today Admiral's 64th birthday. I shall sing  the Beatles to him though by the logic of the lyrics he ought to sing to me. He's survived. No small thing. And Oct 6th include our anniversary, 43 years married, 44th to the night we met. It may be said he came back from Leeds student union to my flat for a coffee (to sober up we said) and never left.

Will miss walking-all-over-us-at-night pussycats. Yvette at dinner & the music she listens to each morning.. Caroline's tweets, anibundel's blogs. 5 days & nights.

Nervous at travel from home, meetings.  But Admiral inexorable ... & I a very lucky lady indeed, Sylvia
Tags: diary, dream life, life-writing (mine), romance

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