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Romney intends to re-commence systematic or open torture

Dear friends and readers,

Just back from NYC and before I write anything else (I did shop, eat, begin unpacking&c&c), I thought I'd blog on what I read in NYC that is important enough really to blog about for real. I read the NY Times each day and came across as story in the back of the newspaper which I then checked out to see if a similar or the same statement was reported in news outlets on the Net. It was.

Not page 18 (where at a minimum it ought to have been). Romney promised to return to "techniques" of interrogation approved by the Bush administration with statements like water-boarding is not torture. If Mr Romney experienced that, I assume he might release his tax returns, so quick is he to deny policies he intends to follow when questioned even lightly.

I did read about -- I could not endure to watch past a couple of minutes -- the first Romney-Obama debate. Obama as empty chair, Obama as Ralph Ellis's wary Invisible Man?  Whatever the cause, or motives, he let so many opportunities to challenge the man go by, it was startling, from the get-go -- like the snide comment to Jim Lehrer where Romney exulted in his coming power to fire Lehrer and Big Bird. People should realize Romney and the present Republican party hate Sesame Street: to them it's socialism at work., and he loathes Lehrer (W let us see he did).


So I don't expect that when the debate over foreign policy airs Obama will bring up Romney's promise to re-institute torture. I do my civic duty upon coming home to tell all whom I know or who read my blogs, that I read in the NYTimes and saw backed-up in several places that indeed Romney will begin systematic torture again. If you vote for this man, you are voting to begin torture of American prisoners openly again.

The admiral did tell me "Duchess it's known." But I didn't know it until I read it this past Wednesday.

In case you did not ...
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