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I realize there are people for whom moral issues trump economic ones. They feel most important is to prevent gov't from providing any support or intervention in families. People must rely wholly on their families. They do not want women to be able to have sex without getting pregnant (so want no contraception from Planned Parenthood). If they are white, they do not want their children to be in schools with black or Hispanic or Asian children nor with children who do not do well academically; they want their children to have good connections for jobs later on, so want privatized schools. They think they will be able to afford it as the prices will not go up beyond their means.They don't like and don't want public transportation. They feel only white middle class people should have the right to vote; people who have been in prison should not be permitted to vote again; that black and non-white people should not be able to control anything. They don't believe women when they say they have been raped. They hate food stamps. No gov't help for the poor in the form of welfare even if you have a job. No federal money for public housing. No one should go to college who does not pay the price wholly by themselves; they distrust college and wish people did not need to go for a job. They want what they consider Christianity to be dominant in the public sphere and its norms and values to be part of laws. Believing in America means believing you will never need help from other people outside your family, never need gov't aid through taxes. And most of all everyone should get to keep all they earn no matter how much or in what way.

All these people are thinking (as they may say) of voting for Romney/Ryan.

But consider: are you sure you won't need the following at all? and if Ryan does not intend to do these things why does he say he means to? He is the son of well-connected upper middle class business people and his present mansion is on the site of where a factory once was.

Social security for which people pay out of their payroll taxes part of their salaries and which is a rare public program not to be in debt at all.

Ryan considers Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme.” In the Fall of 2011, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) called Social Security a “Ponzi scheme,” and Paul Ryan agreed. Ryan wants to privatize the program. This would enrichen corporations enormously.

Medicare. Are you sure you can take the price of hospitals? Have you had a debt collector at your door? Is no one in your family disabled? are you sure you will never have a disabled child or brother/sister or spouse?

Romney and Ryan would eliminate health care for 31 million people who are poor or disabled. Medicaid, which helps poor Americans, some seniors, and children afford health care, is right in the crosshairs of Paul Ryan’s House budget. He proposed cutting $1.4 trillion from the program, a move that would kick about 11 million people off Medicaid over the course of ten years. The Romney-Ryan plan is even worse, and is estimated to force about 44 million people off the program

.Ryan used to supports a key aspect of Obamacare. Ryan will likely say at the debate that the Affordable Care Act is government overreach. In fact, he might even invoke “death panels,” as he has done at recent town halls. But Ryan proposed something extremely similar to these so-called “death panels” in 2009 — twice. In December of 2010, Ryan also asked the Department of Health and Human Services for an Obamacare health care grant “for the Kenosha Community Health Center, Inc to develop a new facility in Racine, Wisconsin, an area within Ryan’s district.”

Tax relief.

62% of Ryan’s budget cuts come from programs that benefit low-income Americans. Ryan’s budget proposes “$5.3 trillion in nondefense budget cuts.” 62 percent of the reductions would come from programs that specifically help low-income Americans: We do not yet know why Romney will not release his tax returns. Probably there were decades when he paid little or nothing. He is someone who received amnesty from the IRS in 2009 in exchange for his beginning to pay his tax properly.\

Ryan voted for future defense cuts he now blames on Obama. Though Ryan claims Obama somehow orchestrated the sequester, a series of across-the-board spending cuts triggered if Congress can’t produce a better plan, the VP pick himself was a supporter of the mechanism. Not only did he vote for legislation to establish it, he peddled the plan to his Republican colleagues and proposed a similar initiative in 2004.

5. Ryan and Romney cannot cut taxes across the board by 20% and lower the deficit because it’s mathematically impossible. Ryan claims they will achieve these twin goals by closing loopholes and getting rid of deductions for the rich. But, as the Tax Policy Center points out, even if they got rid of every single deduction and loophole, they would still need to find more revenue. That means they’d need to start raising taxes on the middle class.

6. Ryan voted to increase the debt ceiling by $4 trillion under Bush. During the Bush years alone, Ryan voted with his party’s leadership to increase the debt ceiling by $4 trillion. In total, he has voted six times to raise the debt ceiling, increasing it by $5.8 trillion.

Ryan’s budget included the same $716 billion in Medicare savings included in Obamacare. The $716 billion that Obamacare takes out of Medicare will almost definitely come up in tomorrow’s debate. Ryan has claimed that Obama “raided” Medicare to pay for his health care reform. In fact, Ryan wants to make Medicare a voucher program and proposed taking the same cuts out of Medicare in his budget. But whereas Obamacare uses those funds to eliminate fraud and increase efficiency, Ryan proposed taking that money to pay down the deficit.

Have you thought about sending your son or daughter to college or going yourself - often a sine qua non for a job.

7. Ryan wants to kick 1 million students off of Pell Grants. As part of his budget, Ryan proposed cutting Pell Grants for nearly 1 million college students. Seventy four percent of Pell Grant recipients in 2011 came from families with incomes of $30,000 or less. There is no evidence that these cuts will curb rising college costs.

Are you sure you or your wife or daughter will never find pregnancy life-threatening?

Ryan opposes abortion access for rape victims. When it comes to abortion rights, Ryan is among the most extreme anti-abortion members of Congress. He believes rape victims shouldn’t have access to abortions and co-sponsored a “personhood” amendment that would have defined a fertilized egg as a human, thus outlawing not just abortion but also in-vitro fertilization and some forms of contraception.

If you consider that economics matters less than morality, how about lying? does not that matter? Ryan lies. If he should become president, could you trust him to care about others and do wise things.

And yes when Joe Biden ran for president I was for him being president and sorry when an aneuryism drove him out of the campaign.



Oct. 12th, 2012 11:17 am (UTC)
Caroline: Well, I don't know, that's why I'm decided! I'm not for Romney or against Obama. I am truly unsure. Romney does not have any congressional experience so he is an unknown factor as well as far as how he will be able to perform in the White House. I recently heard Bob Woodward promoting his book The Price of Politics on the radio the other day. Have you read this? I'm interested in learning more about the internal workings in Washington so I'm planning to get a copy this weekend and take a look. Thanks for your comments and link. I live in Illinois and this state is hurting, big time.

Me: Carolyn: here it is. Romney will do evil; he has been doing evil for many years, from taking money from death squads to funding Bains Capital to all he did when he was there; all the acts he does depend on great cruelties to huge amounts of people. That alone should be enough to tell you he will be as bad for the US as Bush was. Obama is not effective in the way he should be; he is too much a compromiser with evil but he means to do good and he has done some and from his first day in office began to prevent the worst of evils from ending systematic torture (which Romney has said he will begin again) to passing the Lily Ledbetter act. If these truths don't persuade you, there is nothing more I can say to persuade you.

Caroline: Hi Ellen, I don't seek to be persuaded, I'm looking for information really so I can make my own decision. Being in technology, I'm no stranger to jobs being off-shored to places like India, Singapore, China, etc. My experience is corporations and private business are not humanitarian organizations, they seek to do what is best for shareholders or their own bottom line. And yes, people do suffer because of this, I'm aware. My hope is that as my business grows and I am one day able to employ other people, that I will do things differently. Thanks for your comments, I will consider what you are saying. I wish Obama was stronger and more effective, I hope he can convey this in future debates. I do not share in the public opinion that he did poorly during the first debate. I felt that Romney did have a strong start but after listening all the way through, Obama had better closing arguments once he got his thoughts together and addressed (what he said) was new information from Romney.

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