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Tales of Upstairs/Downstairs Continued: A Bed of My Own, Blanket all to Myself!


10/14 (Sunday) (Cont'd):

Upstairs downstairs a better name for story than House improvements.

Took a new direction. Unplugged little fat (heavy) TV in room on library table, together with VHS cassette player (going) and rewinder (just about gone). Haul up. Then weeding out VHS cassettes make a vaster space than I predicted (I have a lot more than I had supposed). Up and down, up and down. Discover 3rd bookcase in attic half broken (aargh!). Carry on regardless. Empty out, indulge in one wild throwing spree. Into any old bin. Subsiding now.

10/15: Poor confused crocuses. Today is very warm, wet, slow breezes -- like spring. So up they pop. Call Landscape man and he has my money! he will be here with team on October 30th and 31st, if necessary Nov 1st. Nov 2nd we go to EC/ASECS conference. Next step will be Bath express and then after that enclose porch.

10/16: These past nights the sky has been so dark. No luminescence. I do not know why. The best I can glimpse a wide streak of dark dark blue. A kind of midnight blue you could call it. Middle of the night, not far off drawn, reading ...

Also have new pseudonym: Writing as Elizabeth on Poldark sites and new gravatar.

1977-78 Elizabeth (Jill Townsend as) listening to Dr Behenna say how bad Morwenna is looking and how sick she is since this pregnancy -- she knows it's the coerced marriage she was complicit in.

10/17: Attic beginning to take on the semblance of an orderly room in the front part of house. Plan now for one more big throw out of stuff on floor and replace with big big now nearly empty bookcase from my little workroom. Problem: trash bins almost full. Will resort to more re-organization. Have actually alphabetized DVDS! (by title of movie). And three shelves in bookcases outside my room (in rest of house) empty.  Getting there.

Discussion over enclosing the screened porch erupts. Admiral against spending $20,000 for room we will not use. How can we put books in a room I hope to put windows across so I can see Dawn? Just think, says he, 5 trips to England. I come up with plan to buy exercise machines and make a little gym. Avoid traffic. Save time. Do it when you want. Do not have to worry no machines left because crowded. He:  "Machines cost a lot. They break down."  So do cars I say. He dead against.

But this morning come  up with new idea as dawn came in:

"Make a new second bedroom. For me. A room of my own. Two rooms of my own now. I have not slept in a bed without a man in it since I was 15 or so. (Little breaks now and then like when I went to Leeds University, but the truth is I moved in with Admiral by April so that was but 8 months). The time has come! He really doesn't like my prowling around at night. I get up to read to avoid bad thoughts. I can't sleep more than 4-5 hours in a row. And he does not like cats walking all over him and bed. Not really. Further, for 44 years he has taken the blankets and wrapped them around himself so I have only the left over edge. Surely Duchesses should control their own blankets. I am 66. It's time I had my own bedroom, and bed to myself."

An hour later. He gets up with tired eyes, red. I say I will make a second bedroom. I won't bother you in the night any more. Again his mantra; NO ROOM!  the room is too small. But for once this is patently absurd. I want but a little single bed. The room faces the east. I'll see the sun come up.

Susan La Monte, Repose

He is not impressed. I go on about dawn and lovely windows with light coming through. He seems to agree when he thinks of cats who do follow me about at night. But then plaintive: "I do want you to sleep with me." " Rubbish," I say, "you don't want to spend $20,000. It's a good use of the space. You could sleep in it. I could put the TV in there! watch it by myself. We could re-arrange front room ... " Warming to my topic ...

I forgot to say gentle reader that we have bought new gliding style rocking chairs (with pretty blue upholstery) to replace the ones we have. His really broken, mine nearly so. (The cats again leap up.) Yvette's new lower more comfortable non-rolling chair in her room already.  All bought this past Saturday at local Chair Store (10/13/12).

Such it is to be left money. I became an heiress at 65. I said to the admiral one morning, dawn or so: "I'm an heiress. You married an heiress."  Admiral: "A bit belated, isn't it?" Me: "Better late than never."


Another bout with my room and moved stuff upstairs, thrown stuff from upstairs downstairs (and put in bins) and then re-arranged downstairs. It's coming along. Cats do not like this one little bit. They detest the ladder -- they run from it. They don't like things hurled from the hole in the ceiling. They don't like the sound of feet on the ceiling. The boy is such a coward that when I found an old music box yesterday brought it down and played it, he took one look and scooted to the back and hid under the bed :). More and more convinced I need to enclose the porch. None of our rooms is a one purpose room. Why should this new one be any different? Weather kindly, cloudy, breezy, windy ... perfect would that every day had variegated leaves, autumn flowers under a greyish sky

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