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Tales of Upstairs Downstairs will continue next week ...

Dear friends and readers,

All progress now must cease until after the sanitation people empty out our now over-filled trash bins -- next week Tuesday. The huge wide bookcase is not beyond the size of the hole in the ceiling which is bigger than I've made out -- it's a long large rectangle which takes up a good deal of the winding ceiling's space. We will soon bee prepared to hoist this big thing upstairs. We have done this before with 3 other bookcases, one like this half-broken.

We have found a space in the rest of the house (downstairs) and outside my room where the narrower bookcase (well built and still in fine shape) that we intend to pull out of my workroom can go. I had thought (desperately) I'd put it in Yvette's room (and all my movie books there), but now we do not have to. The Admiral singing: "There's a place for it ... "

Also found and ordered: I've discovered huge numbers of folders for two different projects on Trollope I never went through on: on the original illustrations to his novels, "On Living in a New Country" (a play on Patrick White's book). Maybe I'll go through with them someday; at any event I've at least retrieved and put in order what I did!

By the time I finish Upstairs will be an extension (non-renovated just cleaned up and orderly) of Downstairs. Rather like servants quarters?

We did have a failure of resolve this morning. "Duchess!" said the admiral through the door to my workroom.  "What?"
"Duchess, we must clean!" "Oh no!" cried I. "Yes it has been more than 8 weeks." "How can that be?" "Duchess, we put it off for 2 weeks." "Is there no help?" (punning) "None". "Well ... in that case another week won't hurt ... I shall go purchase pussycats some Fancy Feast & Tidy Cats instead."


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