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You don't own me ...

Friends and readers,

Stop, click, listen and watch:


Her name is Leslie Gore and she approves this message.

Me too. If you want to own yourself; you and your daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, nieces, friends have decent health care (live), not be raped with impunity, not be relegated back to livestock, ine some rich male executive's "binders full of women" -- vote for Obama.

10/26/12: Connected:  There is a harsh reality to campus life for women: Rape on US Campuses, especially rampant in some of the Ivy Leagues:


This has been known and written about for decades, court cases upon cases and nothing is done.  You are often better off (if you care about this rather than "connections") if your daughter goes to a so-called "lesser" school. And it's no coincidence that this is so. The high competing school with the privileged alpha males is enacting in the sexual arena what they do elsewhere.

Peggy Sanday's Fraternity Rape: Sex, brotherhood & privilege on campus is a relevant as ever.

Tags: 20th century, female archetypes, feminism, human rights, life-writing (mine), motherhood, women's art, women's films, womens lives

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