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what to do next?

Friends, it's still a problem but I'm trying to face it. I'm home from the EC/ASECS conference whose sessions and papers I'll blog about starting tomorrow. Today I was occupied with settling back in and trying to finish the re-arrangement of books and taking back more of upstairs (attic); re-arrangement of bookcases and books as well as some re-disposition of space, prologue to (perhaps) a renovation of our bathrooms (downstairs, the rest of the house, where we live) , enclosing the screened porch.  With taking Yvette to her social club to play Laser Tag in a store set up like Chuck-e-cheese, to make parties, provide activities, refreshments, I didn't get much time.

I did read more in Bellos's There's a Fish in Your Ear without doubt the most important book on translation I've ever read. Ground-breaking.

Here are the projects before me: my idea for now is to go back and forth to see where I want to delve at length.

1) read for translation studies, books on Jane Austen in French and in Italian: Pierre Goubert, Jane Austen, etude psychologique de romanciere; Arnaud on Radcliffe et le fantastique, essai de psychobiographie; Beatrice Battaglie, La Zitella illetterata: Parodia et ironi nei romanzi di Austen. After finishing Goubert, you will have to weave in Austen's Emma, the timeline and Tuesdays. Follow D. on letters and keep up blogs.

a) this should lead into Radcliffe's Udolpho in French translation by Chastenay and then into Italian by Conetti; and Madame de Chastenay's 3 volume memoirs,, with related books, Arnaud's Les mysteres de la foret (Radcliffe).

2) read for review, Christopher Hodson's The Acadian Diaspora;

3) the textual edition of Ethelinde for Valancourt; read more of Charlotte Smith's novels, preparatory to possible translation study of her work into French and her own early two translations. Celestina comes next, and then reread Lorraine Fletcher; the books on Prevost? Copley and Garside's The Politics of the Picturesque

Two days a week:

1) A proposal for a paper on the original illustrations of Trollope's novels; here I need to look into my couple of new books on Victorian illustration. Bought in the hope of doing the paper for a NAVSA, but it's not happening any time soon;

2) Outlining Graham and moving on with historical fiction. I should first do Bella (say the morning) after the Trollope. The next up is FMFord's Fifth Queen, then Graham's own historical book on the Armada and his historical fiction set in the 16th century.


Come January I am committed to studying and writing a paper about I Have Found It, the Tamil version of a Sense and Sensibility. I am keeping up watching film adaptations. I have half a book, A Place of Refuge: JA or S&S Films, "cooking."

Backburner: a life and works of Henrietta St John Knight, Lady Luxborough - she wrote 5 marvelous poems.

On listservs just now reading Trollope's Castle Richmond and Dickens's Little Dorrit. Watching Andrew Davies's 2008 film, Little Dorrit, and have finished all 26 (!) episodes of the 1967 Forsyte Saga and am making way through the 2002 13 episode Forsyte Saga.

So that's it, it does not seem overwhelming -- or does it -- as long as I hold to some schedule.

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