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Election coming up: Romneyism

Dear readers,

In Miami in Dade county the shameless Republicans in charge of the city are blatantly opening suppressing early voting. They had hardly any ballots; after hours of waiting, they declared the lines were unruly and towed voters' cars away. I fear if they get away with this, it will spread to far worse on voting day. Remember the Hitlerite Nazi tactics of the year 2000. A state win can hinge on a relatively small number of votes. Worrying ... Place in Ohio similar tactics, Texas the governor threatens to shoot any one who tries to watch what is happening at the polls. In Pennsylvania local officials can still intimidate people by asking for credentials the people don't (yet) need.

It is chilling to see these Romney signs pop up here and there where I live, and signs which show scorn for Obama (as a black man). "Fire Obama" gets two kinds of thrills: these are the people who enjoy firing the vulnerable too.  We still have a preponderance of Obama signs but Alexandria is traditionally a democratic city.

Yesterday Robert Reich published a coherent account of what Romneyism is and what it will bring: Do read it gentle reader. Is this what you want? what you believe in? Is this it? Today Juan Cole:  what Romney will turn American into.

I agree with Chris Hedges.

Romney might really win. This will mean decades of devastation to huge swathes of the US population as Romney will put in place all the machinery to make that happen, choose more cruel masters for the supreme court, suppress the vote -- in fact use his office as Obama was afraid to use it for the people or not savvy or simply too much on the side of the wealthy too -- too indebted to them, grew up among the elite (ironically). The signs are on these prosperous houses with manicured lawns, white families in them.  I assume they were ashamed before yesterday but now it's coming up, they are not at all.

Many white Americans identify with a mythic story of "I did it myself, " are isolationists, believe the US exists to rule the world, are into killing (war), do not identify with anyone outside their particular ethnic/racial/religious milieu/gene composition and "believe in America" hits them in the gut. They may be ashamed and until a day or two ago not be willing to admit they are voting for this elitist bully boy racist but they will vote for him.

Others, the white religious fanatics hate a lot, resent a lot, think they are doing badly because some elite intelligensia group is flourishing, they mistake the images of the New Yorker for reality; they are the ones who talk of "voting for the America you want."
Are there enough people who would rather be poor and not have any help from any social services (no matter how meagre) so as to control the women and children inside a family, so as to make the people in the family desperately dependent on one another and they think this promotes religiosity too. Forbid divorce. Churches not Employment offices. All we have now are unemployment offices (the chilling compromise).

Or is it pay no tax you need no pay. When you are in trouble, get what you can (cheat if necessary as you feel everyone does). Declare bankruptcy. No gov't ever offered you anything you really wanted directly. So vote where you think there just might be less taxes for me.

People to give work opportunities for their young adults nowadays take them to where they work. The young adult if he or she is lucky gets a volunteer job. Many have thousands and thousands in loans they never will pay off. But then the Republicans only want an elite to go to college. They'll close the colleges or turn them into business schools to produce docile employees. Pen grants abolished after they gut FEMA. Flood?  build a sea-wall, lobby for more dikes and levies, move with your feet. Why were you such a fool as to live there in the first place. The really criminal group were the local authorities who built high buildings in cheap low lying places no one had built in in previous decades; see what you get.

The unemployment rate for real is still 17% across the board, much much worse for blacks and young adults between 22 and 34. Disabled people need not apply.

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