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Upstairs/Downstairs, Inside & Out

Friday, 11/16/12:  "Duchess," called the Admiral, "Come and see. A squirrel is digging up our daffodils!" I ran over and there I saw a wicked squirrel digging away. Hmmm. What is there to be done? Said he, "If the bulbs are not deep enough, squirrels get at them."

That was yesterday afternoon. Well the ground here is hard, the clay thick and I know my arm tired so not all the daffodils are all that deep in the soil. Squirrels must eat too.

The day before (Wednesday):
Another hour of upstairs/downstairs, though it was mostly upstairs. The Admiral came up to the attic with me, and proceeded to sort through a mountain of financial papers (I'll call them for lack of a better word) and pitched almost all of it. I began emptying out the back half of the attic, everything so neat in crates that throwing wouldn't save time. So up and down and down and up and filled 2 and /1 large bins -- ancient toys, melting magazines, filthy rugs, where did we get so many stuffed animals? I kept a few keepsakes. Have to leave 1/2 bin for our daily refuse so we have had to give over until next week. Tune in again then ...

Just to keep you up-to-date,
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