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Yvette and her iguana Gil-galad

Gentle reader, this is a cloth iguana. This is not a real iguana what was murdered, skinned, stuffed and then decorated gaily. Real iguanas are much bigger, and they are nowhere as cute. Gil-galad is a pastel green velvety toy iguana around the size of a small pussycat.

Lest you misunderstand ...

Yvette had a good time away in her part-holiday, part-working visit to a small part of the island. And she bought back a gay cuddly soft-doll toy, a memento of what the island was once known for.


Here he is all ready for Christmas:


Unlike our cat, Ian, he does not flee into his pod -- even as I was taking this photo, Ian was deep in his pod out of range of untoward events and the camera.

Yvette did see some real iguanas. She also saw a couple of banana rats. You usually don't see them. What happened was her supervisor-friend drove her and another friend to a place at night where banana rats can eat in peace. The store has no toy banana rats. Nor are banana rats a protected species.  You've never head of banana rats? they are rodents what eat bananas and are nocturnal, (Desmarest's hutia the learned name) found across the Carribean, and I sincerely hope no one hunts them, that they are able to keep out of harm's way.

It's worth thinking about that the one species on this island anyone has made a law to protect is the iguana. The Admiral has said not so. He's sure there are other protected species. Again I sincerely hope so.

She also rode on a ferry across the bay, ate out in restaurants with interesting menus, and fought hard where the air-conditioning was fierce and computers not exactly up-to-date. She watched a smallish old-fashioned TV which someone had to come and help her get to work.

As to Gil-galad I hope you didn't need me to remind you where the name came from. Tolkien's Silmarillons was instantly before our communal mind's eye (p. 287) -- as well as the chivalrous all generosity Arthurian Galahad which the name is a play upon.

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