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Dear friends and readers,

After three (really more) days of watching news-casts and reading journalistic pieces on what's happening in Gaza I thought I'd add my unimportant but at least here blog to say what we are seeing here is slow motion "ethnic cleansin:." periodic murdering and wanton destruction which punctuate an embargo meant to starve, utterly impoverish and therefore drive these million and one half Palestinians from the Gaza strip.

A series from The Guardian.

Here is a video:

Phyllis Bennis

A group of journalists on Common Dreams on the Arab attempts to have solidarity and stop the murdering.

Michael Moore has the courage to present Dave Zirin on why Israel destroys the sports centers in Gaza.

Trying to get Israel to agree to 24 hours of calm.

The US position (the only country in the UN that had the face to explicitly present such a perversion of what's happening) that Israel had the right to defend itself is absurd: yes rockets are fired from Gaza, but apart from the reality they kill no one, the renewal of these is directly related to the assassination of the Hamas man who had signed (he thought in good faith) a peace treaty. This is a repetition of what happened four years ago when another Hamas representative signed the treaty and as he was reading it aloud was murdered. There is no comparison between what the Israeli gov't has been inflicting on these people for decades, but especially since 2004 and these rockets or whatever stones or individual guns the Palestinians try to defend themselves, fight back or, call attention to their cause with. Two of the essays I've read said this particular bombardment was in planning for weeks and weeks. When the US representatives intone this mantra about the right of the Israeli gov't to defend itself, and there is not one word to suggest the Palestinians have a right to live, to eat, to have a life, to be safe, let alone defend their piece of land (surrounded as it is by high walls - reminding me of the Warsaw ghetto), it's clear that the US considers the Palestinians as expendable.

In the last couple of days the Israeli gov't has (as it has before) targeted journalists, especially Palestinian, but they bomb offices with any journalist in it, to stop as much news from getting out about what's happening. They murder children, unarmed of course, women, anyone and everyone in the sight of their weapons.

From a hospital and about the attacks on journalists.

It should also be said that Obama's behavior is precisely what Romney said he'd do in that infamous talk where he implied 47% of US people pay no taxes (not true) and were all freeloaders, people who thought themselves victims. In another segment he said he would let the Palestinians and Israel fight it out between them and let it end however.

Words do fail one in the face of what is being let happen here. I came across this paragraph in one of the periodicals I read and saved it for my commonplace file. I don't know who wrote it: Evils that befall the world are not nearly so often caused by bad men as they are by good men who are silent when an opinion must be voiced



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Nov. 23rd, 2012 01:18 am (UTC)
Notes after Thanksgiving dinner
11/22/12: Thanksgiving:

I'm not a photographing type; I'm a diary, writing type. We three plus 2 cats just had our yummy meal, lots of good talk and remembering the good and big changes we've had this year. I like Thanksgiving because all it requires is a Turkey -- it is not commercialized -- and I tell myself the one we ate might not have existed in the first place but that it was bred for this holiday.

OTOH, I feel bad when I think of all the people who could eat our left-overs. Maybe 2/3s of this bird. Who could sit in peace together (I'm thinking of the people of Gaza) and wish I had some means to help. In this sense I don't like this holiday. It's selfish.

Edited at 2012-11-23 01:05 pm (UTC)
Nov. 23rd, 2012 12:51 pm (UTC)
Notes after Thanksgiving dinner
People tried to tell me it was not selfish to have this Thanksgiving dinner. I was probably not clear enough. Too tired.

It's just a feeling I have. We will eat some of the left-overs, like today but Jim and Izzy don't like cold turkey, We used to make a turkey pot pie when we were younger; again, Izzy doesn't like that. But the emphasis on food here is not the one I meant. It may have come out that way. It's my awareness of the US empire doing terrible things, allowing terrible things to be done to other peoples.

A little franker. It was the Palestinians I was thinking of (I again watched the news), but not only them, all the peoples in the countries where Obama carries on these hideous wars or supports tyrants, drops drones. The man I wanted to vote for was Gary Anderson -- he was not even on the ballot in Virginia (though Jill Stein was and he was on many others). He ran on a Justice party ticket. He'd end all these wars today and he made a tactful state ment about Israel which showed me he'd insist on a separate state/protection for these people.

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