misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

A single man in possession of a fortune ...

Passing by a recently renovated house in our neighborhood -- once an old-fashioned stone colonial, in the last year or so made into a 3 part castle, with glass walls facing outward, a garage that looks like a Renaissance prison (tiny windows), a full-scale Popeian garden complete with a moat-like ditch (sans eau) and now a stone Buddha statue within some flowers, I said to the admiral, "Oh, a neighbor told me yesterday he's single. He's not married. And very rich." Admiral: "ah ha, a single man in possession of good fortune who must be in want of a wife ... " Alas, he did not feel he was up to visiting him. He did not know how he could since we have no means of being introduced. Well my guess is Yvette would be as ungrateful as that Miss Bennet was ... So we walked on. Sylvia
Tags: diary, dream life, female archetypes, life-writing (mine), social life

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