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So here I am again, trying to see where am I and what have I accomplished.

This time the problem of how to do what I mean to do next. Translation study. What does one do?

Last time I did this was November 14th.

1) Now I am working every other day and sometimes two days in a row on Acadian Disapora by Hodson. Getting it done. I have found two novel beyond Cather's Shadows on the Rock: The Rose of Acadia by Margaret M Saunders and The Forge in the Forest by Charles G.D. Roberts. With Marie-Therese Humbert's La Montagne des Signaux, more than enough. 2 historical romances, 2 late 19th century, one with scholarly introduction.

2) I'm half-way through: Pierre Goubert, Jane Austen, etude psychologique de romanciere; I finished Arnaud on Radcliffe et le fantastique, essai de psychobiographie; begun Arnaud's Les mysteries de la foret. Not sure how to go on with this. I got a bad copy of Sicilian Romance in French so am trying again. I think I must read translations of Radcliffe into French, of Austen and of Smith and then essays on translation. When the time come, just write and trust to it. When the go-ahead comes (January) I will certainly read all of Chastenay's memoir.

4) So now this comes nearer: the textual edition of Ethelinde for Valancourt. have now read and blogged on Emmeline and Young Philosopher. Celestina next. When I've finished Acadian Diaspora, this one will replace AD. This due next January, tentative of course but a long book, enjoyable, but again not quite sure what I need to do beyond read the book. Should probably compare to other volumes in the two new series I've got. Have to scan in Elibron and work with that.

5) I've just taken on doing a review of an edition of Fanny Burney, The Early Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney: Volume V, 1782-1783, ed. Lars Troide and Stewart Cooke I'm not sure how to work this in but must begin soon. It could be an alternative to reading translations and about translations. This for April.

I have left off the Graham and historical fiction in order to get Acadian Diaspora done and begin some effort on Ethelinde. I admit discouraged over what happened on Poldark facebook and Literary Society pages. To put it mildly. My ideas here: 1) can do a paper or papers eventually on historical fiction; 2) can try a fiction myself, Elizabeth's Story. I miss these books.

It does seem as if Tuesdays in Austen's Emma is being sidelined for now. Am I right to do this? I admit I'm a little bored and it takes such excruciating time and work. After all keeping up on Jane Austen's letters

Come January: both would be due in July.

1) I am committed to studying and writing a paper about I Have Found It, the Tamil version of a Sense and Sensibility. I am keeping up watching film adaptations. I have half a book, A Place of Refuge: JA or S&S Films, "cooking." I watched a Spanish version of Sense and Sensibility: From Prada to Nada, and I have an Indian version of Emma: Aisha.

2) I  am waiting to see what happens to my proposal for a new paper on illustrations to Trollope's novels: Maps, Pictures, Films: Walking Round Trollope. Geographies of Books

Backburner: a life and works of Henrietta St John Knight, Lady Luxborough - she wrote 5 marvelous poems. Italian also set aside but hopes when it comes to translation studies.

Evenings, Metro, in car:  I am really into this Sally and James and other Hemings stuff: really engaged by Annette Gordon-Reed's Hemingses of Monticello); I'll finish with Jefferson and Maria Cosway's letters. I have a bunch of books on to TBR pile and am not sure what to try next. Just now have Colm Toibin's Barcelona, Rose Tremain's Restoration in mind. Clement, Opera, or the Undoing of Women. Christmas stories on two of the lists (WWTTA and Trollope19thCStudies). Have been forced off Inimitable-Boz so stopped reading Dickens for now. Looking forward to Gasworthy's Country House, Ernaux's Les Annees.

Desires: to write a blog on two different series; that is 1967 and 2002 Forsyte Sagas. I wish I had someone to go to with me to Teaism again. I would try again.

I must to bed now, suddenly, very sad,


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