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Christmas is all around us

Friends, if the meretricious insistence on happiness and how joyous we all are, and how wonderful it is to buy gifts, and if the relative or friend lives far away, wrap, stand in line in a post office and send them off, if the canned music irritates you to the point where you want to throttle a reindeer, I've an antidote:  Bill Nighy's Christmas is all around us

I recommend it once a day:

A still - note his bowed legs and their tough-face anorexia:

It's the completely controlled deadpan grave imitation that is so exhilarating.

From the gayly satiric but wise Love Actually. On pirate bay, celebrated here. It too might be watched once a year. I just re-watched it. I was so touched. Tears came to my eyes. I wish people were that kind to one another. In 2003 it grated because I couldn't lend myself to it. This time I could enter the dream. I suppose I might say I am better than I used to be, more well. I liked all the stories, all the characters and will probably buy the book if only to see how they all related and have more pictures of Bill Nighy (who was Diane Quick's partner -- who knew?). I didn't realize the YouTube video is not in the film.

Yes tosh. Yet they manage to convince us. How? partly because just about every story ends only half-happily. Emma and Alan don't solve their problems but agree to try to forget;

Karen and Harryblog

They will stay together; they do have a good relationship, if sometimes very rocky.  When last scene Laura Linney goes to her difficult brother in the asylum; she leaves the handsome lover in the office.  We cannot say that our again gaunt justifiably cynical rock-and-roll star will live happily ever after with his fat sloppy manager. The Keira Knightley trio is another unresolved headache. Colin Firth goes to Portugal and gains a love but he has his real life and there's a divorce that is probably got to be got through. Lian Nelson's wife is not coming back even if he takes up with a kindergarten teacher. Kris Marshall appears to bring home three unattached women dressed very sexily. Why are they in that bar? Why is it good to go with a man with an English accent. (In the movie the definition of manliness is not violence, coldness, macho maleness at all.)  Maybe Hugh Grant story with Mary McCutcheon is the most frothy but then it's so unreal - except there too we see a sort of real lower middle class family in a "dodgy" areas (tiny hall) and she's made a genuine woman's size. I probably left some couple of other out. Anyway we can believe the kindness because there is much unease -- the movie is in other words smart when it comforts us while winking at us -- let's pretend it says, just for Christmas.

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