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Tales of Upstairs Downstairs continues after all: the microfilm reader; the bathrooms

The admiral: "I point out practical difficulties." "HAAA!" (very loudun-Duchess noise from me.) I'm now wanting to put my large microfilm reader up in the attic and you'd think it was a tyrannosaurus rex. Yes it's very large and heavy and awkward. But with an electrician and an outlet I could plug it in up there (sitting on that nice table), also the extra Italian radiator or a fan (depending on the season).

Tales of Upstairs & Downstairs have after all continued ...

You see I have boxes of microfilms which I would not be able to reach without this reader. Many libraries no longer have them. In fact the admiral bought this for me in the early 1980s when a local library de-accessed (got rid of) theirs. It's true I have not used it since the middle 1990s when I put all my Anne Finch materials up on my website. Nowadays everything comes in microfiche,and more than ever much is in print or on line (google) or I can buy through the Internet as xeroxes from a library. Still to take the step of pitching it seems too final...

It sits by a window, takes up half a table and gets in the way of seeing outside for us -- and for our cats. Caroline will come over on Sunday and we are to buy, put up and decorate a tree on the screened porch -- which I cleaned up, made sittable, had painted and the screen fixed some 3 years ago now. Plus a ceiling fan. So it now has a use without total renovation. We can't have a tree in the house since we got the cats and I miss it.

As for Phase 3, spending serious money: Monday the people come to begin to tear apart totally the back bathroom for a huge amount of money. I am dreading this even more than Ian, the cat, who is blessed with not knowing what's to come, much less how much it cost. The admiral will be here (as he was not the last time I spent largely for renovation -- 1993) and I can hope the contractor will really do what they say they will without pressuring us to leave off anything. Which is what happened to our kitchen. I suppose I fear it won't be this beautiful place and am kicking myself for this vanity of a dream. I'm telling myself I just hope they do put in new walls, ceiling and replace corroding and rotten corners of the thresholds. We'll know soon enough.


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