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With Emma watching you:

"What IS taking so long?" and there is the admiral, half-astonished, indignant at me. I'm standing in front of rows of Christmas card boxes in this Hallmark store. All the small stores I used to go to have gone out of business. So here I am in this blaze of alikeness. The ones I can endure are 40 in a box! Too many. I'm going to send many people electronic Jacquie Lawson "experiences." Even were I to send all paper ... But the ones the right size so tepid, dull, or unreal. I found one which is a photo of three polar bears but they are wearing hats and it worries me how they got those hats. Then the sayings. Yuk. Cold or overdone.

I explain. He replies: "I didn't expect you to be evaluating them!". So I went with a big box of too many because I liked the picture of Charlie Brown and his friends and their doings.

Then I want ribbons, but I don't want shiny ones. I can't tell how much paper in a roll and again don't like what I see. To him I'm dithering, I'm dithering but when I get to the counter I'm told I chose one where I get another free. I feel I have to go back (find the thing amidst all this stuff) and get another. And there he is glowering so of course the awkward size stuff begins to slip from my bag ...

Shefali (Harriet character) not sure about what's happening; someone speaking to Aisha (Emma character, who does not listen To Shefali) (2010 Aisha)

Sylvia (just now watching the Indian Hindi, Emma: Aisha


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Dec. 14th, 2012 05:13 pm (UTC)
Maria: "Ooh, skip the ulcers and groans and design your own! That's what I do, complete with fake-medieval spelling and script.


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Dec. 14th, 2012 05:15 pm (UTC)
every year I fail to plan
Jill: ""Look at the cards from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or Chicago Institute of Art. After Christmas they are half price and you will even find things that are beautiful and to your taste. Much less exhausting shopping for them online."

When Jan/Feb comes I feel I'm well out of Christmas. Can't get myself to do it.

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Dec. 14th, 2012 10:24 pm (UTC)
where to get good cards
Diane wrote: "I know you aren't seeking advice, Ellen, but telling a story. Still, I'm with Jill. Art museums have the best cards. One year at the last minute at the Peabody Essex, I got small inexpensive cards of a Japanese print in snow. And one year in Scotland I got the skating inistor"

Well this was the first time I've been driven to a Hallmark store. A new low? I seem not to be able to avoid a certain (however small) number of traditional paper cards. I love that one of Walker.
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