misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

I've migrated to Word-press ...

Dear friends and readers,

I succeeded in migrating to word-press where I'll carry on an Under the Sign of Sylvia II in the spirit I've tried to manage here. My first blog, Beginning Again, tells you why. Please join me over there. I've chosen a new icon picture: 


The ecstatically contented crinkly-faced Maurice Sendak cat represents Ian even if he's rarely that. The image is by Tammy Cantrell and called Just Fine Alone. 

And we'll have a new setting, a landscape park scene, from Edward Vuillard's Place Vintimille:


And a new George Sand saying. Les plaisrs inattendus sont les seuls plaisirs de ce monde [The unhoped-for & unexpected, the sudden are this world's only real pleasures] George Sand, Lettres d'un voyageur

Otherwise the same: most postings will be life-writing and politics, memory and self, I as an individual sees society/communities.

I will keep this blog open as I'm not transferring the blogs from August 2007 when I began to post as Sylvia consistently and so will be checking in from time to time.

Thus it's not adieu, pas du tout, mais A toute a l'heure


Tags: about blog, cyberspace, diary, dream life, life-writing (mine)

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