misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

How I wish the Admiral were here

this minute to talk to and listen to the beautiful music from NPR with me. The music has been Schuman's Piano Concerto No 1. How I would talk to him so differently -- now that I have hindsight into what widowhood really is, and what I feel. I would speak to him differently. Tell him I will never ever have another man, how I will live in this house until I'm dead, what it's like doing some of the things we used to do together without him.  How dreadfully he's missed. His absence palpable. I have a whole new area of social dysfunction to tell him about -- the treatment of people who have lost beloved partners


Charlotte Rampling, Sous la Sable the latest of my gravatars

Miss Drake
Tags: diary

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