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For the sake of self-organization and making routs

Dear Diary,

A photo of fall in Vermont a face-book friend sent:

VermontAutumn (Small)

I list the things I promised so as to gather myself together to form a set of routines where by I can keep myself busy and yet not overdo it. I find when I am embarked on beloved books and movies especially, but also just fine and interesting ones I can put Jim's absence aside for a while; and when I am writing with my mind fully and sometimes when I am around people I can feel cheered somewhat (not always but if there is a good spirit I'm okay).

So I take assignments and projects on.

I am working on:

Book: edition of Smith's Ethelinde for Valancourt (finished Sleath's Orphan of the Rhine; ideas for Hubback's The Younger Sister and Smith's Marchmont)
Book: A Place of Refuge: The Jane Austen Film Canon

I've begun:

Papers: for Haydn journal:  Anne Hunter and Haydn
For Trollope Belgium conference:  On Living in a New Country: Trollope's Australia
For ACESC:  What work does a screenplay or shooting script perform

Paper finished and needs to be put on website:  The Depiction of Widows and Widowers in Austen's Novels and Letters

Long overdue review: for ECCB: The 2nd edition of the Cambridge Companion to Austen and Lisa Moore's Sister Arts (lesbian art in the 18th century).

Review not so overdue:  for Victorian Web: Fictions of Affliction
CERCLES (online journal): Better Left Unsaid (more than half-way through)


Right now: OLLI at AU: Beyond Barsetshire (after this week 6-7 sessions)
OLLI at Mason:  The Gothic (more than half-way through, after this week 3 sessions)

For the spring: OLLI at AU: The Poldark novels (the first 4) -- 10 weeks (idea for fall, Jane Austen, second half, Lady Susan, Emma, NA, Persuasion,  Sandition, ?Radcliffe Romance of Forest?
For the spring: OLLI at Mason: In and Out of Barsetshire (the first 3 novels) -- 8 weeks
For the summer:  OLLI at Mason: Barsetshire Emerges: Framley Parsonage --6 weeks (idea for fall, course in Daphne DuMaurier)

Blogs promised for myself and one for Burney conference: the papers I heard at JASNA and Burney conference, the latter of which requires reading Burney's Love and Fashion

I was listening to a reading aloud of George Eliot's Daniel Deronda as I came home from another difficult class at one of these two OLLIs I volunteered to teach at and heard the reader say about a mind or minds shut up within themselves, "exiled in the rarity of their own minds, whose deliverance in passionate soliloquies" burn themselves out alone, in obscure or hidden places, and how happy when they do get "signs of recognition and fulfillment may penetrate the cloud of loneliness." I'm like this this or a bird banging myself crazily against walls to teach myself that I cannot live a life without him, proving it to myself so I need not blame myself.


Miss Drake
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