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Cheered somehow

Dear Diary -- cat doings --

My poor Ian pussycat was (in effect) locked in Izzy's room. He often disappears for what seems hours at a time and when I didn't see him for a while after Izzy went out and closed her door I didn't think about it. I heard a cat mewing and mewing and since I was writing a review of a film study for publication in Cercles (French and English academic journal in Europe) didn't think about it.

Noise remained subliminal in brain.

Suddenly I heard something drop noisily in Izzy's room. Uh oh my brain goes, "Izzy's not in there. Wait! that was the cat," and I jump up and open the door.

Sure enough there he is sitting intensely looking at the door desperate to make it open so he can join me and Clarycat. I pick him up, talk softly, get treats, make much of him. Now he's ensconced in his new cat pod (soft grey, round, highish walls) in my room a few feet from me.

Cheered by writing this somehow.

Photo taken a few days ago before I bought the new soft cat pod which now sits on this chair with Ian curled up in it.

Pert (Small)

I can now hear him growl when someone comes to the door: "Society is no comfort to one not sociable" -- Cymbeline IV:2:12-13.

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