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The US supreme court did three good things this week!

Who'd have thought it?

This week the supreme court upheld the Affordable Health Care act (it's patently obvious the exchanges across the US in different states are meant to reach everyone); they affirmed that disparate impact could be taken into account in deciding whether a law or ruling in a district was discriminatory, and now they have made same-sex marriage legal throughout the US.

On the Affordable Care act:

This is Kennedy's opinion on same-sex marriage:

A plain parsing of Kennedy:


The next time someone says to you it doesn't matter who is President, remind them one power he or she does have is nominating a life-long position which is elective and not responsible to the popular will, a position on a branch of government, the courts, that is very powerful and affects your life.

Here is Jesse Jackson on South Carolina's unjust and racist society


The very bad news is the congress passed the TTP -- more destruction of American workers and employees lives, of the environment, more opportunities for employers to pay less and less money, offer insecure jobs with poor environments (cubbyholes, dangerous, at home), long hours, no pension, no health care benefits. And worked into the TPP are threats to Net Neutrality so the corporations can take over, downgrade the average person's access and we are back to the pre-internet exclusionary world to some extent.

And these were the two weeks where another heinous slaughter of black people occurred, and we learned that huge amounts of money are funding Ku Klux Klan type domestic terror operations

See my Can ghost be comforting -- on to those cut down last week and to all the mourners.

Miss Drake
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