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Back to before post WW2, 1948: Greek & Palestinian people today, the EU regime, fleeing immigrants

Dear friends and readers,

I've not posted about Greece as yet. So here is a long compendium of thought, information, reading.  I am with the Greek people and how they have been made the flotsam and jetsam those who have the reigns of power have used, abused -- going back to 1948 when the US and its allies overthrew an elected social democracy, they have endured the usual tyrannies of the one of capitalist-military and religious-dominated regimes of the globe, they did finally get to elect a truly representative gov't. And that gov't doesn't want huge numbers of its voters to starve, to be without work, or to live impoverished minimal lives.

From a friend:

I too have such sympathy for the Greek people, none of whom, I imagine, asked for this nightmare. I wouldn't want, like the Greeks, to have unemployed adult children living at home with no prospects, and I wouldn't want to be scouring trash cans for food or worrying about being hungry or having to go to the hospital in Turkey--what a situation for these people. In a humane world, this would be at the center of people's thinking and concern, but obviously that is not the case.

Of course to make the persuasive argument in the public media will not do by just talking to what one would suppose would be the empathy of others. Those who talk from prestigious pulpits identify with the regimes, and their instruments, the EU, though this time the IMF has sided much more with the Greek gov't.  After WW2 the US supported the rebuilding of Germany by in 1953 cancelling half their debt (just cancelling it) and giving the Germans 30 years to repay the rest. But there was real fear of socialism then.

On my small WomenWritersAcrosstheAges listserv at Yahoo, we've had extended exchanges and a few of the people have posted informative and insightful essays. So here are a few:

From The Nation by the economist Robert Reich on the role of Goldman Sachs and wall street in the Greek crisis. He doesn’t say Greece is blameless, but he does highlight “predatory” lending. Moreover, there is a connection to the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the problems American cities and states are facing. This is becoming a global problem and one that leaves the people more and more vulnerable. I have also read similar points on the key players in different articles. I’d say definitely worth reading.


That a single currency, the euro was always a bad idea: how can you have a single currency across different national borders when the people within them have such different interests? and within these states the differing groups? it was a dream concocted by neolibertarians: Krugman in the New York Times


The New York Times on July 15, 2015


The German point of view: Here are a few links showing the various facets and sides of the argument:



More conversation:

"The Greeks were urged to take on more debt than they can repay, which vis our group discussion of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, is what the US has consistently done in Latin America--crippling those countries so the US can go in and essentially deny them sovereignty, which is what is happening in Greece. I wonder how the Greeks in charge were personally threatened. No one talks about how Greece, as I understand it, is basically laundering the "loans" so that they can go back to the creditors--the Greek people aren't seeing the money. Hedges had a good, if frightening, piece about how what is happening in Greece happening here"

A French philosophical and historical perspective:


On the story of the little immigrant Palestinian girl who was lucky enough to have Merkel visit her, and now can stay in Germany, I did not know before that the EU tries to control immigration within the countries that belong to it too.


I don't have any articles to hand, and thus will sound vague and not produce an argument but will say generally the US behavior to its immigrant population has been truly shameful. It is the US who together with various juntas over the past 30 years led to the thug regimes whose violence, especially through the reaction of steely violent repression (the "war on drugs") fleeing an intolerable situation. When they get here, they are imprisoned if they are captured and mistreated -- especially women and children. Thousands of them really fit the definition of political refugee.

A specific case: read and listen to this one on the finding of mass graves in Texas and what lies behind it:

I'd call the situation for immigrants, minorities and people in vulnerable neighborhoods are in an emergency state:
At this point it seems to me police in many areas of the US can kill with impunity and for a couple of decades now this kind of training has been instituted. For all the fanfare of the US attorney general saying she is investigating a particular case, and the courage of one black district attorney in Baltimore inditing a group of police who murdered a man physically (beat his spine in) to death, all around the US these acts of killing occur each week. Last week a black young woman was taken into custody who was known to be a activist inditing the police. She made a wrong turn at a sign. Two days later it was announced she killed herself. There is a video, short, aural of her protest when her head was shoved to the ground and hit hard.

As to immigrants, the situation in Latin America is terrifying, not to omit the poverty. Across the southern and west US houses of detention -- prisons -- have been set up and children and women systematically sent back. While they are in the US they live in horrible conditions; they are cut off from public scrutiny because the majority of such places appear to be privatized.

The obscenity named Trump is running for president and he thinks to win by having huge sums at his disposal and saying outrageous things he thinks the stupidest rabbid Republicans are lured by. That will get him the primaries -- he thinks  His most recent statement was a sneer at McCain because McCain spent Vietnam in a prison camp; Trump himself got 4 deferrals but that's okay it seems; he didn't pretend to be a "hero."  Hero is a macho male who murders and beats up people, the biggest bully on the block. Last week he was impugning immigrants -- the women are whores, and the children are diseased. This is regularly reported not just on Fox but mainstream channels.

The truth though is we are all greeks now (the Puero Rican people are now being preesured) and potentially immigrants and vulnerable people in the streets:


The unanswerable truth which is only seen as a reaction and occurs in many different kinds of situations so not that usable is that if people with the power to do something don't like the results of whatever it is they are doing, they stop doing it.
The people in power and those who put them there have had at least 3 decades now to see the results of austerity, supply economics or whatever you want to call this destruction of social programs (and the jobs they create all round), supports (pension and health care systems), basic means of coping in the world (education, public information and communication, transportation).
They are glad to do it but don't openly admit it. They find euphemisms which boil down to what a cartoonist used to call "building one's character."  The cartoonist showed it as nonsense easily enough.
It seems in the 19th century some gov'ts in central places lost their nerve and feared revolution; after WW2 the capitalist left standing feared communism or socialism would spread. Now there is no alternative they think to capitalism and they back that idea up with ferocious military might and prisons.

Thatcher said in the 1980s when all these new assaults began (in the US with Ronald Reagon destroying the Air Traffic Controllers Union and firing everyone successfully) that "there is no such thing as society." Since Jim's death I have become aware of how obscene even is Thatcher's statement. It has an apparent truthfulness that falls down at the slightest examination. Where do sidewalks come from if there is no society?
Miss Drake
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