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Bad news for all women, trafficked, enslaved, compelled, or not

In my view, Christopher Hedges has it accurately.

Hedges doesn't sufficiently emphasize how attitudes towards prostitutes will make this change into a license for destroying women. When prostitutes are murdered nothing much is done (nowadays reminding me of how black people and immigrants are in the US murdered with impunity).

Here is a fuller argument from a blog I wrote years ago for Hedges' point of view on the grounds of women's experience

In the US today state gov't after state gov't are falling all over themselves defunding Planned Parenthood. I know from personal experience that planned parenthood provides a host of needed services for women, yes for contraception, and whatever other problems a young woman might encounter for her reproductive system, but also psychological help, primary general care.

Then there is the eruption of instituionalized slavery for girls; rape academies. See Frontline.

From Connie Simons:

Who says men don' regard women as biodegradable?

Miss Drake
Tags: female archetypes, feminism, human abuse, human rights, sexual abuse, womens lives

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