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A modest proposal for cutting down on gun killings

US people will not stop killing one another regularly and sometimes on mass until there is federal gun and bullet control legislation. Since everyone with any brains knows this and it's said a preponderance of Americans want gun control (if not elimination from private hands), we need to acknowledge why such bills do not pass in Congress beyond the obvious:  the huge amounts of money the National Rifle Association and all its allies pour into the treasure chests of congressmen (and use to lambast them). We are not a nation of hunters.  The overwhelming number of US people live in cities, and do not hunt. It's not true we cannot do anything about the millions of guns in private possession. Bullets become obsolete; control the sale of bullets for two years and you render most of those guns unusable. (The NRA watches intently for any bills trying to control or limit the sales of bullets because it's generally known you can stop the guns killing by stopping the sale of bullets.)

What we are is afraid -- afraid of and distrustful of one another, and our mass media and culture and gov't reinforces such fears all the time.  Fear -- of the "Other" -- promoted by the state, in US international space it becomes paranoid in regulatory behavior and random searches of people, with little food available to the average person (as there are only fast food outlets against super-expensive clubs behind black-glass walls). Such until such time as we begin to identify and see ourselves in one another and provide for one another: how about ...

But we can cut down.

This would protect our right to life, our liberty and yes our pursuits of happiness.

The link will take you to the life of Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015)
Tags: human rights, politics

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