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Sonia Nazario has managed (at risk of her life) to research out again and expose the horrifying tactics that the US (with Obama's clear approval) is paying people to use against terrified refugees from countries now run by ruthless murderous enraged thugs (rather like ISIS in their behavior): that it was the US that prevented all decent social democracy from emerging in these countries in the 1950s and again in the 1970s/80s anyone who can read can now.  We killed off the decent young adults in the 1950s and the older leaders and we did it again for another generation in the 1980s.

Two further corroborating interviews and stories:

It's here told on DemocracyNow.org
Fran on WWTTA mentioned last year that it was astonishing to know that literally hundreds of corpses were buried near the Texas borders last year and unearthed. Nazi practices, the practices of any gov't and or other group who kill huge groups of people.
You can read the transcript if you can't see the YouTube and it's in the New York Times -- though not told in clear graphic terms. One woman's brother had his feet and hands cut off; others tortured before others, young children made slaves and prostitutes lest they be killed. Women reaching these "shelters" are subject to rape and assault. The billion dollar private prison industry is keen to get these people into their maw.

The thing to keep your eye on is the similarity of he behavior of ISIS with these drug crime groups  -- both the product of decades of excluding males from any economic opportunity or voice in their governing. Also that in all cases women suffer (in effect) gang-rapes

To sign a petition (it might effect a tiny bit of pressure) and read about her first book, go to Enrique's Journey

Miss Drake


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Oct. 17th, 2015 12:21 pm (UTC)
On Germany and two videos on PBS
From a friend:

On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 3:41 PM, Karlich karlich1@yahoo.de [WomenwritersThroughTheAges] <womenwritersthroughtheages@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

It's shocking to hear again of such horrific things happening and ultimately being financially encouraged on America's borders. Though certainly not comparable in its violence, this does, however, tie in with certain announcements made just yesterday on new measures being taken to try and stem the sheer endless tide of refugees making their way to Germany and other neighbouring states at the moment, one of them being billions of Euros being given to the Turks if they stop refugees crossing their borders into the EU.

Merkel's liberal refugee policy has now come under severe attack from members of her own party and the most conservative of her coalition partne rs. The latter is based in Bavaria, the state that is being flooded with most of the refugees at the moment. Germany, a country of 82 million, is rapidly reaching an estimated one and a half million mark this year alone; the USA, a country of about 322 million, has resettled 70,000 over roughly the same period.

Merkel's been forced to agree to a tightening of the laws governing refugee treatment. From yesterday, economic refugees with virtually no chance of gaining permanent asylum are no longer to be sent to the various towns and villages for housing after a maximum of 3 months in the various central reception centres, but have to stay there for a maximum of six months, during which time the whole asylum process has to be wound up and the rejected refugees sent back to where they came from if that is on the list of the so-called safe countries of origin. 3 oth er Balkan countries were put on this list, too, yesterday which means most of the Balkan refugees that make up the majority of the people we've been helping in our village will soon be sent back. The process has already started. In addition, the government is largely going back to the old system of vouchers for food and clothing rather than cash from social security to cover the refugees' needs, since the little cash they are getting at the moment is often still a lot in terms of where they come from and they are often expected to syphon off as much as they can to their people back home. Whether these kinds of measures will actually halt the tide seems doubtful as long as the political and economic situations in their homelands remain so dire.

Ironically or aptly, as you may see it, only a couple of hours after these plans and laws were announced, I was off with sev eral of the young Balkan people we've been helping to watch a documentary by Anna Thommen; Neuland, on integration measures for a similar group of aspiring young refugees in nearby Switzerland. It was well worth watching, putting faces on all those numbers for people not involved in the process, and generating a lot of sympathy for what these young people have to go through to achieve their own particular promised land. There's a very good description on the PBS website where the film has evidently also been shown and the film clips there are also well worth watching:

Film Description | Neuland | POV | PBS
Read a description of the POV documentary Neuland.
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Video Search: neuland | POV | PBS

Video Search: neuland | POV | PBS
Thinking About Jobs Classroom Clips Mr. Zingg asks the students about their dream jobs.
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Oct. 17th, 2015 12:22 pm (UTC)
On Germany and two videos on PBS
Thank you for the commentary and the videos. I have a hard time as usual navigating these sites and more than half the time when one of the PBS anchors (Gwen Ifill, Judy Woodruff or Hari Sreenavasan) says "see this on our website," I can't find it. I have no time this morning but I will watch tonight.

I'm driving myself to do and finish a paper while living my "new" active life.

I read about the push-back on Merkel and am myself aware of the huge numbers of people being taken in by European countries closer to the middle east and the ludicriously small numbers the US has taken in. I agree the violence is nothing say to outright extermination camps or those which make people into slave labor but when you consider the US alone just about stopped all decent social democratic movements and more than twice (recently they have been at it again only more surreptiously) killed the leaders of such movements, it is unspeakable that US tax money and weapons are going to support the hideous killing and drug wars and enslavement and terrorizing of people, the destruction of decent lives. In the Middle East the US did this with some NATO support; they are angry at Putin because he's daring to do the same from a different angle.

One cannot withhold one's taxes -- you are put in jail if you are an ordinary citizen. And for middling types in the US they are very high; for the poor way too high for what they need for food and shelter.

I'll be back tonight after I watch the videos.
Oct. 18th, 2015 12:21 am (UTC)
Anna Thommsen's Neuland
Thank you very much, Fran. I watched all the clips and read the columns about them. Very moving. I have to admit that to me the problems of these young adults reminded me of what I saw growing up in the Bronx, NYC; they were intensified and where in NYC the young adult had the language, there was not that much money required, the person could move ahead in what he or she wanted. But I'm sure many did not. The girl who came because her mother died was deeply touching; the young man who wounds himself.

The film began with the idea this is what is going on in our world and I agree -- exacerbated beyond endurance for the fleeing refugees.

It did seem to me a woman's angle, the way it stayed with intimacies.

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