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That grassy knoll is not in the past

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I used Tenier's picture to suggest the murkiness this paradigmatic and important incident was thrown into, how it's now blurred and by news media most of the time firmly put into "the past" when it's not. It's utterly relevant today.

When I first knew my husband, Jim, in 1968, he used to joke about a British friend who had all sorts of theories about the Kennedy assassination, especially the second shooter on the grassy knoll. Jim thought that evidence suggests Lee Harvey Oswald acted with others. It's been silenced because (forsooth) it's been repeated so often so that we become inured and will not take any explanation seriously and mystification does the rest. The probability is Jack Ruby's murder of Oswald (including easy access) was instigated to silence Oswald. Conveniently Ruby was not far from death himself.

This evening I heard a very different story about an investigation in the 1970s well after the Warren report on the 1963 assassination -- yet it goes the heart of what was suggested at the time .Kennedy was killed because he refused to back the Bay of Pigs invasion. It's the full context that makes it persuasive. Talbot begin in the 1950s with the CIA overthrow of social democracies in Argentina, and then moves to Guatemala and finally Cuba. Talbot suggests that indeed Kennedy may have been killed because he was not willing to go to nuclear war to keep the Cuban island safe for the US fruit and other corporate companies -- though to find the trail you must begin with the larger US as dictatorial power for the wealthy in the US and elsewhere and dive down through twisty indirections.

For my part I remember the incident differently from the Talbot tells it: Talbot claims it was Kennedy who refused to go as far as dropping a nuclear weapon on the island -- and remember it's 90 miles off the coast of Florida. My father was put on the "alert" as a warden; that there might be a war! As we watched senator after senator endorsed Kennedy. My father was stunned by the personal cowardice and indifference to human life and the planet too.

Then later that dawn Krushchev punted; he would not take the bait. An older man. It was Krushchev who saved the world from its first nuclear conflict -- the Japanese had had no weapon to hit back with. We woke up safe because Krushchev made a deal with Kennedy where he agreed not to use Cuba as some platform to spread socialism (and not place any weapons there) and Kennedy agreed to leave the island in peace. He did not agree not to isolate it economically which we proceeded to do. We kept Guantanomo -- a fateful decision.

I make this into a blog in the hope of reaching more people so they can listen and judge for themselves (if they can, use their own memories of that gripping and fearful week):


The mainstream media is not going near this but you can read reviews elsewhere:


Kennedy and Dulles looking away from each other

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