misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

Bernie and the sparrow

It reveals the spirit of the man:

He was talking about providing free tuition for college education. He alone among those talking of the recent Jewish Lobbry (he offered to appear by Skype) talked of how the Palestinians are living under occupation, all their supplies from outside embargoed, their very taxes to support themselves which the Israelis have the right as a controlling gov't to collect kept from them. His instinct was to speak out against the emergence of an undercover colonialist series of wars since the 1950s by the US and its allies against all social democracies with leftist economic policies to the present on-going murderous and now proliferating by individuals willing to kill themsevles -- a ceaseless war causing death and the slow destruction of civil liberties where there still are some since 9//11/2001.


Miss  Drake
Tags: politics, presidential campaign

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