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Bernie at Washington Square Park

You can read about it in the New Yorker: Bernie Sanders takes Greenwich Village.

Lowell McAdam is CEO of Verizon, a company reported to have in effect paid no taxes last year. The fight is centrally about outsourcing: Verizon is sending jobs abroad, and wants to cut workers' salaries in effect (benefits, pensions); all this threatens their jobs and conditions of employment. The company has assured the public they have hired non-union workers to replace the union people. Here's the New York Times article on these corporations who in effect pay a tiny rate of tax. Meanwhile the ostensible cause (from a friend on face-book) "is ACA's costs, which is why Verizon is using contractors (don't have to pay their healthcare) and outsourcing (ditto). Not a complicated calculus here. This is literally exactly what was predicted when the Democrats (and Sanders) rammed the ACA through without a single Republican vote. Create the problem and then run on the idea that they have a solution. Gross."

When Sanders at least now joined the Verizon picket line, he won my heart. I do not remember any politician in or running for powerful office to have done that. Maybe Jesse Jackson.  FDR didn't. McAdam then said and announced to all media that would report this that Sanders was contemptible (the Washington Post contents itself with painting Sanders absurd and incompetent); and Sanders replied he welcomed this man's contempt.

Next famous stop: the Vatican, he's going. Invited by Pope Francis. (The Washington Post had an article ridiculing the Pope who goes in for these leftist leaders of South and Latin American "nations.").

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