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Worrying thoughts about Trump.

As I came home in my car and listened ot reports, and then read transcripts of interviews of Trump I learned he has faked identifies more than once in order to cajole, threaten, bribe, further lie to them.

What's to stop him from if he should become President of the US faking identities and phoning important people and threatening or trying to bribe them somehow? Has any reporter asked him that in public? they ask him about it and he either lies or tries to shrug what he did off. But has anyone asked him, What's to stop you, Sir, from doing that once you are President?

On how facism moves to take over the US presidency with Trump as its strongman by Robert Kagan of the Washington Post. I talked the other day to a Trump supporter who has plenty of money, is a success in life, has an associate's degree, and there came a gleam in his eye as he began to confess to attitudes towards immigrants, power, a billionaire businessman that was very worrying. Nothing I could say could faze him: lack of knowledge: Trump was not scholarly.  Nuclear war: he shrugged as if it cannot happen because we are so great. He seems to think the US has been here "for centuries."  Man does not pay any taxes: hell, that's what business is about.  He wanted to see someone "not from the establishment" put in office. His face looked vexed if you mentioned the phrase. He was inoculated deep in his psyche against any criticism.

Miss Drake


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May. 20th, 2016 06:12 pm (UTC)
Sixtine: "Trump calls Americans faking his identity? Any American? This guy is completely insane. He should be put in a psychiatric ward.."

Me: "Yes he does or has. In his career in the 1990s (and who knows if not later) there are records and tapes even of him calling people using a fake identity; he threatens,cajoles and lies. Who is to stop him doing that if he should become President?"

Sixtine: "And this is openly known by all? But this is fraud. No one should seek being elected candidate with fraud among its deeds! The system is crazy. Trump's electors are crazy. And the man himself should be sent pronto in a psychiatric institution for te benefit of the Americans, the US, and th world at large. Only think of him ringing up Putin, or the Pdt of China, or one of the dictators / fascists / extremists of this earth!!!! He should not be left at large. Frightening!

Me: "Oh yes. As Kagan says in "how fascism comes to America," nothing matters. Hillary Clinton like most politicians changes policy statements so she's "crooked Hillary;" Trump set up a fraudulent university; he has been bankrupted; he litigates to terrify people into silence; he won't release his tax returns. He continually shows gross ignorance. Doesn't matter. She shouted. How terrible he says; she is disgusting he says (because all women's bodies are to him unless properly packaged disgusting."
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