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Trump a delicious get-back joke; he and Clinton a bulwark against the change Sanders represents

That Trump supporters regard him as a delicious get-back joke on the Republican establishment. That the democrats see Sanders could win and Hillary lose but prefer losing to the kind of change Sanders offers:

A poster. Have you seen this movie? maybe we all ought to go.

Friends and readers,

I came to a realization that Trump supporters are inoculated against any criticism of the man when no one appears to take seriously his trashing a judge for rightly exposing his fraudulent university. We now know what will be Trump's criteria for choosing a judge for the supreme court; someone who acquits him of all his fraudulent dealings and hides all evidence from the public. No one who has power to do anything does anything. He's not held in contempt of court for example

He insults newspaper reporters by making a "fuck" signal with his hand and by name calling someone a sleaze and then promising to do all he can to stop freedom of the press when he is president and on record saying he will get back. And these people who back him say nothing.

He is a crook indicted for a fraudulent university. His books show that he urged all employees (taught them) how to high pressure prospective students, and encouraged them to max out all their credit cards to buy his outrageous fees.  Yes they should have seen then this is a mean cruel crook. Uses gangster techniques (why he wanted that evidence not to attract attention so began ethnic slurs on the judge).

So why write about Trump. What can I contribute? One not unimportant mood of his supporters I've not noticed anyone talking about:

I had a long talk with a Trump supporter the other day, a young man making a very good income, white, who had a 2 year technical degree. He appeared to be a reasonable person and kept saying he was someone who tolerated all people's views. I personally have liked him and find him a sweet helpful young man. His is gentlemanly in all his ways. I want to stress too how kind I find him, with a real sense of courtesy and making the thoughtful remark that helps one through a conversation or something you need to do together.

Well, I found he dismissed what ever criticism I brought up. Trump knows nothing of the nuclear system in the US. He's not "scholarly." Trump committed fraud. That is what businessmen are and see how rich he is. (Meanwhile Hillary is a crook. He moved from one side of an issue to another to exculpate and admire Trump.) He appeared to believe immigrants are being treated unfairly because they are given so many advantages when they come to the US. The US is all powerful he assumed and he wanted it to stay that way. No one would dare I suppose he though to attack the US. He was against all global policies; an America firster. He seemed not to know much history; he kept using the term "centuries" for US history.

You've heard all this before.

What I'm leaving out is the glue, the tone or soup in which these things are said. He kept grinning. At first I thought this was a way of being polite. But then I began to see he regarded Trump getting into office as a delicious get-back at the establishment. Trump need not be respectful of his GOP colleagues because it is precisely this elite establishment that this young man probably resents, though he wouldn't say so. He just said Ryan and his type were a waste of time. "We don't need such people."

But don't mistake the tone. Trump himself is funny, a joke on everyone else's incompetence to deal with "this problem."  Trump's insults are crucial here, funny because he is mocking the establishment. All these positions we talked of were fun because none of them mattered. This is more than Trump exposing the hypocrisy around him ("telling it like it is," which this young man did not say but others do), it's surely taking a kind of revenge on people like Ryan -- and yes Hillary Clinton too, for she's the same type. She is in the hands of corporate wealth and does their bidding just like Ryan. She is a military hawk spending billions to overthrow gov'ts in the middle east, take the oil or whatever is the natural or market resource to exploit directly or indirectly.

At some level he loathes Ryan far more than the democrats he simply dismisses. He gets a kick out thinking Ryan is squirming. He said that many people will come out to vote in this election who have been staying home.

He said how hard he had worked since age 15. He had paid for all he had gotten. He did not get a BA from a senior college because this is a waste of time and money. He is aware that he didn't have the "other" courses -- he would not at all be in sympathy with the people defrauded by Trump university. They deserved it for their false aspirations.

This is important. You cannot get a Trump supporter to take seriously anything you say because the point of voting Trump in is to make a joke of all that is. It's all very funny. None of the world's serious problems matter. "Other" people don't matter. Other countries. Judges, courts, blacklivesmatter. Guns. Climate change is a myth. Poof.

Meanwhile Sanders has won the last 19 primaries, he may take California and no one inside the democratic establishment moves to support him seriously.

The democratic establishment is refusing to admit Sanders can beat Trump and Clinton may not, because like the Germans until well after 1939 (when Hitler's regime had turned literally murderous to all its citizens, and was waging horrific war on gov'ts and peoples outside Germany), the German elite persisted in thinking he was a bulwark against communism and/or real socialism. They individually thought they would or could survive and many did. So the democratic establishment prefers Trump to Sanders. But they are not doing this as a joke.  They (each individual person, each clique, each institution) wants to keep their power and wealth just as it is. Sanders threatens that with say his proposed ban on fracking, his plan to enable students to escape banks. She is a hawk, will keep up all the client gov't groups in the middle east (no matter how horrific as in the case of Saudi Arabia), will cooperate utterly with the corporations and will not do anything against their interests; she and her husband ended welfare for women (and their death rate is way up), started mass incarceration for black men, ended controls on the banks. Those supporting her with big money don't care if she's a woman and will throw bones and alleviations at and for women when she's in office. Women's position? remember the addition to the 14th amendment that extended rights to women was a joke.

Reporters have to protect themselves too -- beyond insults, from prison, destruction and in many places in the world murder. So there are tight limits on what they can say already. They can reports the facts that they unearth and tell us what is literally happening insofar as they can find out day by day. A few then try to make sense of these facts, put them into perspective so they make sense, come to be a form of understanding what they have found out.

At first I thought Sanders was doing wrong to offer to debate Trump. I feared he would marginalize Clinton this way, give Trump a chance to insult her by becoming a sort of buddy on stage. I was wrong. Trump saw that this was a debate he might lose because Sanders would take him seriously. Answer him with real truths and remain resolutely serious and earnest. That's a game Trump decided it was not in his interest to play. It's in his interest to say outrageous and therefore "funny" (using the word complexly) remarks.

This is not to say I won't vote for Hillary. I will. Trump will drag the US (if he can) into lawlessness, corruption, censorship of the press (and courts, and the Internet). She will be a centrist democrat.

We should look for what people regard as jokes and why. What jokes they like and/or repeat. Feminism is not quite a joke (by the way)

Miss Drake
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