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Woman publicly humiliated once again

Of course this is no news: if a film lacks the ritual humilation of the heroine, that means there is no important woman character. From Austen's Elizabeth Bennet and Emma Woodhouse to Hillary Clinton countless times. How many times must she undergo a gruelling interrogation, expensive, confronted by hostile men, who are all the more grated upon because as the latest humiliator said, there are "no reasonable man" would go to court with this.

I continue to fulfill my promise to present photographs of Hillary Clinton which lead me sympathize with her: I love this photo. her stance is of someone enduring this but her instinctive lines on her face tell us of other painful hard impulses to control.

Hillary Clinton this past Saturday enduring another three hours

Millions spent to find something to blame her for in Benghazi, thousands and thousands over her use of servers, emails, internet correspondences, her very Blackberries have been gathered and rigorously scrutinized. This morning the Washington Post said how "extraordinary" was Corney's behavior for coming out to make a 15 minute speech excoriating her. So too last night Judy Woodruff on PBS.

Usually when there is no case, that's the end of it. The fool Ruth Marcus on the Post's opinion page congratulated him for "clearing the air."  What? He spewed out lines and lines for Republicans and those who cannot stand the thought of a woman in power as ammunition.

Bad judgement I hear that putative husband say.

Will they never tire of this? not until she goes away, broken. She's not.

The photo: she's looking down. For a moment resting her eyes. The cell phone her barrier. It's the ununsual lack of a hair style that touches me. Would that she pulled her hair back like that more often.

Update, 7//2016: It does worry me this morning that Repubilcans will use this to defeat her and put Donald Trump into the presidency. They don't care that he is in fact corrupt, fraudulent, ought to be indicted for his fake university schemes; all they care is do they individually get into office and they put in place problems to further immiserate the vast majority of Americans and enrichen themselves and their friends. Comey is being gruelled today as to why he didn't indict her. The Post today had a column by someone saying Comey's speech was an egregious abuse of power. When you chose not to indict someone you do not come out and excoriate them. He did it because she's a woman: forsooth women are not to be trusted with "serious things of the world." Thank you to Mike Powe for "Hillary's Problem." As I say in one of my replies below, I feel she was also trying to protect her private ilfe (her daughter is part of that).

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