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A third photo of Hillary Clinton

Dear friends and readers,

As promised, each time I see a photo of Hillary Clinton which brings out aspects of her character not sufficiently emphasized, I put the photo on this blog. The first was of her shopping at a Farmer's Market, the second was of her undergoing yet another humiliating gruelling from powerful men intending to destroy her (they failed as they have no evidence for any indictment after 25 years of paying teams of people to scrutinize all files about her everywhere); neither of these were of a beautiful woman with a conventionally uplifting expression on her face:

Four decades of hard work, mostly achievement, often for the vulnerable, passionately on behalf of women and children.

The double standard for race also never ceases to operate: Imagine if Obama or Hllary had put as their chief speakers for endorsement their 5 children from 3 previous marriages, and what was got together for the spouse was plagiarism. Trump has said repeatedly the first thing he'll do is "open up the libel" laws. Not that easy; he's got to appoint or use or bribe judges to silence the newspapers that way. A really insightful article by Jane Mayor on Schwartz's book The Art of the Deal and what Schwartz learnt about Trump is now silenced as Trumps' lawyer has put a cease and desist order on the man. Schwartz won't be able to get a court decision to counter that before the election. If Trump got to be president, he'd ban far more newspapers from his conferences and put the equivalent of a cease and desist order on us all, especially imposing silence on the Internet by any means possible -- national security issue would do. While I'm here, this article details Trump's financial ties to Putin. There is a photo of Putin scowling unconsciously at her; he does not like women to have power either.

Miss Drake

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