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The Rev Wm Barber II, Michael Bloomberg & Khizr Khan: listen up

Powerful preaching from the heart of the Democratic party:

He is himself a disabled man too.

Bloomberg tells hard realities about Trump and tells you why we must vote for Hillary because Trump is a dangerous demagogue. We must unite for the good of our country. This is too important to sit out ....

It is unspeakable how Trump has responded to the Khans' justifed deeply moving questioning of Trump's fitness to be president: he consistently smears the characters of anyone who criticizes him:

Friends, I am disturbed about the democratic convention too. Apart from my distrust that Sanders's policy initiatives will be followed, and Clinton's choice for vice-president (politics as usual there), there was not one feminist speech in this convention. Barber did not mention women as a group.  It's not enough to elect Hillary Clinton, though it will go a long way (we may hope) to helping women and children specfically now that she and not her husband is president.

Sanders in his speech said the election was about a poverty-stricken woman with a small child living on a minimum wage and food stamps whom he met in Ohio. I fear it's not about her.  When she is brought up, she is smeared and lied about with contempt (Reagan's "welfare queen"); it was known when the old welfare laws were erased that most women would not be able to find jobs, not have money to pay for good care for their children. No one protested; some naive women (middle class ones who couldn't imagine what finding a job as a working class woman is like) professed to believe that this would lead to independent lives.  It has led to near homelessness, continual movement, abysmal conditions for children (including living in cars). Even Sanders did not identify her properly. That this comes of being a woman will just not be believed. It was a welfare program for women. Sanders perspective was this one: Where a great proportion of the people are suffered to languish in helpless misery, that country must be ill policed, and wretchedly governed: a decent provision for the poor, is the true test of civilization.   Samuel Johnson

Miss Drake
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