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Arresting Goodman: dogs/pepper-spraying Indians; prisoners strike unreported; teachers lockedout

It’s been quite a busy three weeks. To read the mass mainstream media you’d think the most important thing happening was Hillary Clinton coughing and news about her emails. The woman becomes ill for a day or so; what is wrong with her they all ask suspiciously.

It was in fact heroic of her to soldier on --if ill advised since she ended up de-hydrated with pneumonia symptoms  (cartoon from the Progressive populist, not exactly a bastion of Hillary support).

In fact two major events went unreported altogether until Amy Goodman video-taped one (in her capacity as a journalist); a third has been reported as far as I can tell only in the Nation. And there has been a thorough exposure of Trumps's charities as filled with money by others and spent by him and on himself, with a real defense of the Clinton Foundation.

In this past three weeks' news Amy Goodman has been alone in reporting on how a group of oil and gas companies plus banks have been instrumental in getting state officials and enforcement agents to stop all protests, arrest and now attack Native American protesters. No one reported on this nation-wide until Goodman went there and filmed; only on the 9th did the Washington Post report it and then to frame it as a backward unacceptable demand of the Native people to their land and burial sites


Here is Goodman's report on DemocracyNow. Org as of this evening, September 12th


Here she tells you about the arrest warrant: the reason the gov't agents want to stop her is her video has gone “viral” on social media on the Internet.


About three weeks ago there was another murder of a black man by police officers; the video appeared briefly on face-book and then at the request of the police department involved and other officials was pulled off.  There have been no videos since then and I'm inclined to suspect that large social media are now determined to help suppress this kind of indisputable information about black lives on US streets.

Amy Goodman is also the only reported and place I've seen reporting a prison strike on the anniversary of the horrifying attack on prisoners at Attica some 5 decades ago in response to a protest against prison conditions that turned into a major demonstration and demand by the prisoners for human conditions. The result was Nelson Rockefeller sent in the state militia and others, many prisoners and the hostages were all killed by guards and guards died too.

Heather Ann Thompson who has written a thoroughly research book on Attica, the brutal aftermath and the terrible conditions since is also interviewed: Blood in the Water: the Attica uprising of 1971 and its legacy



The third story she reported on is a lock by Long Island University of all its teachers. The teachers had voted not to accept a contract which cut back their health benefits, cut adjuncts salaries, and the response of the university was to lock them out, and replace them with unqualified people. It was also reported in the Nation by Deb Schwartz:


It's an open attack on the very legitimacy of the profession. Who needs any expertise in an area? who needs any education in education? who even needs experience. It's a mock - -and they hadn't even set a strike.

And what is the mainstream media doing:  attacking Hillary Clinton for her emails, undermining her heroic endeavour to campaign ceaselessly in brutal heat – which caused dehydration and pneumonia the other day.  In the Washington Post there was an important story by (in Gwen Ifill's words on PBS reports) David Fahrenthold from The Washington Post went through everything that — went through the Trump charities, essentially, and found out that — a couple of interesting things just by going through public records, among them, that Donald Trump raises money — raises other people’s money and then doles it out under the name of the Trump charities. Kind of remarkable.

The story was briefly discussed by Monday night's regular pundits:

TAMARA KEITH: Yes, and that Donald Trump gets credit for it, but that he hasn’t put his own money in for several years.
This reporting is really solid. This is the kind of reporting that we all should aspire to, where you go through the records, you’re methodical. He’s been calling hundreds of these charities, trying to find out which donations were given and from what pots of money. Very impressive reporting.
GWEN IFILL: And, in one case, actually solicited — broke the law by using some of that money to buy a 6-foot-tall painting of himself at auction, or Melania did, I suspect.
The question is, how does something that, which maybe on a day like today, how does that compare to the Clinton Foundation questions that have been raised?
SUSAN PAGE: You know what’s remarkable is that these are devastating — this is a devastating story that’s solidly backed by public records. It’s not some leak from some anonymous source.

Finally, why is Clinton's charitable foundation which does much good work attacked and Trump's breaking the law hardly grazes consciousness in mass media? what is it but misogyny towards her. Look at the cartoonI found in the Progressive Populist above.

Their charity does good; his is a fake.



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