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Hillary: photo from first debate; a dread is spreading that Trump may win ...

Dear friends and readers,

Somehow this evening things are not looking good in Lake Woebegone; nonetheless I'm keeping up my promise to put photos of Hillary Clinton on this blog where to me she looks appealing. There may soon come a time when I won't be able to write blogs freely.

This appeared in today's Washington Post:

Since I last wrote, Obama gave a noble speeches to the UN.

In my neighborhood until today I was the only one for several blocks around to have an election sign. Mine reads: Clinton/Kaine (for president/vice president). About a block and one half away the same sign with a third name for the local democratic incumbent to the House of Representatives appeared. By this time in previous years there would have been other signs; by this time two of my near neighbors had Romney or (before him) McCain signs. Now nothing. I hope at least they are ashamed.

People everywhere are dreading that Trump, a dangerous ignorant crook will win the general election. A swell of dread comes up from the news shows, from talk among people I come across.  Let me urge everyone who read this blog to vote, and vote for Hillary. If you think your state is safe for Hillary, it may not be. Don't let this disaster happen

Miss Drake
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