misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

The menacing clown: Trump as nightmare figure

I've no reason to believe that the people dressing up as scary-clowns, menacing, and terrifying enough US campuses and other places to be reported in newspapers has a yellow wig.  But no one describes what the clown outfit is like. I suggest that this eruption out of the psyche of the US is a manifestation of fear of Trump, what he could and would do were he given the enormous power of the Presidency. It has now spread to the UK.

I'm not the only person who has seen the connection by far: here is a news story from South Carolina. Here is a cartoon alluding to Trump and those intending to follow him to Armageddon on his terms:

We might like to read or see filmed horror novels, but we don't want to find ourselves in one.

Instead of parchment, suppose emails -- and tweets, at 3:30 am where the person had real power:

Miss Drake
Tags: politics, presidential campaign, trump menacing clown

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