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Frienda and readers,

Yesterday we learned of how at age 59 and showing off to others, Trump described how he meant to behave towards a woman (predatory, gross, mean); he was at the time married to the present wife. He gropes women's vaginas because (he says) they react with favor towards him. Here is a step-by-step, remark-by remark description of this video. This week several women have come forward to show this was no boasting: whenever he meets a woman he wants, he goes after her physically.  He says they are lying -- two have corroboration; a man who was silenced by Trump's lawyers has said Trump assaulted him over a business deal.

Trump today re-accused the five young black men whose lives were ruined when they were accused of raping a white girl in Central Park. Not just the DNA but other evidence has proved they didn't do it: I saw an elderly black man being released: pathetic, lost 30 years of his life. We now know police kill black men so when they confessed having been beat up, they were in danger of their lives.  I'm told the remark about the black men came from him having to "excuse" himself from in effect wanting to rape a woman; his crazy logic was to say, see these 5 black men did it.

Cartoon at the time when Trump said, "there has to be some form of punishment" for  women who have an abortion without the husband's persmission I have read how he pressured his second wife into having an abortion and she resisted and today her daughter is the very raison d'etre of her life.


The story that emerged after the first Republican debate that after a Miss Universe contest for which Trump provided much of the funds (and probably made a large profit) was how he fat-shamed someone who had won. He mortified, humiliated and needled her in public and privately to the point she became bulimic

Anorexia often is triggered by a scene of public mortification or humiliatin. I've been told by a few girls that they trace the start of the starving by some incident of public mockery over their body,public competition. One girl told me the coach would put in a row the shirts girls wore to show who had the largest size. The coach (a woman) would attach names and numbers.

A couple of articles on how he "fat-shamed" women. As a person who is a recovering anorexic and who knows so many many women who while not anorexic and not buliminic nonetheless have suffered a great deal due to the reality their bodies are not at all like the body image continually falsely photographed. Or the women who for a time manage to get their bodies to resemble Barbie dolls faintly as they smile compliantly. He funded these beauty contests. What harm this man spreads everyway we look

When George Bush fils was revealed to be engaging his armed forces and spy networks and justice apparatus in systemic torture I felt a horror and anger at him well beyond the usual. I had known he was a bad man and should not be president when he laughed with glee at the woman who was able to be executed in Florida and imitated her tones begging for her life. She has been a prostitute. Shown no mercy


To say this man is a moral moron does not come near the dangerous man he is for all women

Miss Drake.


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Oct. 11th, 2016 04:14 am (UTC)
Women paid off, betraying other women
Pat: He is the one that made this election so dirty. He called all GOP. Opponents nasty names, mocked the handicapps etc. He had a news meeting after the debate with Bills women crying rape. How low can he get.

Me: I know you know the women who came forward are not Bill Clinton's "women." He did have a long-term affair with Gennifer Flowers but otherwise we cannot say that of anyone, nor is he running for President.

Pat: I know the women accusing Clinton aren't his. I think Paula Jones was there too. So sickening. I bet Trump paid them.

Me: On another thread I'm part of here on face-book (another set of friends) a woman said that on the plane the next day a woman reporter asked Hillary Clinton, was she not scared he'd become physical even there? that that was what he was communicating. And Hillary said yes, he had frightened here. I find those women who are now agreeing to support him for money so reprehensible to us, to other women, I've not words for it. Now and again someone guilty at having taken the money years ago comes forward (the man who wrote The Art of the Deal) and Trump pays lawyers to shut them up with injunctions and court orders. And (half joke) on lawyers Shakespeare was not keen as a breed.
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