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Elaine Showalter's Pilloried Clinton

The Times Literary Supplement lead article for this week is available to all readers and I hope many women at least read it: Showalter reveals the intense misogyny Hillary Clinton has had to face all her working life and what in the US context an effective courageous mostly progressive woman she has been much of her life.


I would say that we women and I hope some men will and should vote for Clinton because she's a woman progressive, with the accent on woman, the way black Americans and a few white Americans voted for Obama precisely because he is black. I wept when Obama was nominated, was partly for him because he was black and presented this intelligent, compassionate progressive enlightened vision. He was unable to pass most of what he wanted because from the time of holding office the Republican opposition decided no matter what he presented they would thwart him -- because he is black. And like Clinton, he is not as progressive or leftist as Bernie Sanders.

But she is a woman and a well-meaning good one. Showalter's article shows us why we must vote for her because she's a woman.

Another good photo

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