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Don't give up; don't tell yourself it's okay (it's not): you will be just as usual (you won't)

Clinton won the popular vote by a couple of million; people are saying, arguing Sanders could have won the election, that The democratic party turned their back genuinely popular policies wanted by democratic constituencies.

At any rate, the Republicans and Trump will now do all they can to suppress votes of "minorities," they will deport as many hispanic people as they can, jail as many dissendents and poor and black as they can, be a ruthless bully in the world, cut all social programs possible, privatize wherever posssible. Gerrymander some more. Make it very difficult for democrats to get into office. Stocks are way up (especially private prison companies).  The wealthy and Wall Street are seeing they will be okay and now grow richer and freer to do as they please to make their profits as high as possible. As to military matters, I refer the reader to Trump's promises; he will enlarge Guantanemo, waterboarding is fine, what are nuclear weapons for if not to use, and so on.

The revivifying wine we had on offer much earlier this year and was stopped up must now be poured into the bottle called the democratic party. One by one (each race) fought to be won on real issues concerning ordinary people, and a new direction set forward.

Don't let anyone try to delude or sooth you into thinking what is about to happen will be okay. Chomsky on the most dangerous organization on the earth today. Kerry has presided over a build-up at the Crimea border which ought to worry people. Putin and Trump are just chummying up. Trump has said he wants to register all Muslims (whatever he means by that) in the USA

Rev William Barber of the North Caroline NAACP, leader of each week's Moral Monday:

Sunday evening in a special post-election service entitled "Revival and Resiliency After Rejection."

Speaking to hundreds gathered at the Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C., Barber said that the nation "must be honest about the depth of racism and the psychic sickness of our country," and said "it is impossible to react to this moment with anything less than profound anxiety and revulsion."

"This moment in America is ultimately not about Trump and [Hillary] Clinton. But it really is about the rejection of some things much deeper," he said.

Trump's win, he argues, "shows that we have rejected in some ways moral statesmanship for buffoonery and gamesmanship." For some, it also "reveals a rejection of answers to real issues" and a rejection of "some very serious principles." The president-elect, he said, "articulated fears rooted in racism and classism. He offered no answers but merely said, 'You are right to be afraid, very afraid.'"

"To elect a president whose disdain for women and minorities, civil liberties and scientific fact—to say nothing of simple decency"—shows "that we are rejecting something much deeper, which is why Trump is vulgarity unbounded."

His "election strikes fear into the hearts of the vulnerable, the weak, and above all the many varieties of 'other' whom he has so deeply insulted. The African American 'other.' The Hispanic 'other.' The female 'other.' The Jewish 'other.' And the Muslim 'other.'"

In January, a "man of integrity" will leave the White House, he said, "and then we will witness the inauguration of a con."

"How sad it is that somewhere around his inauguration, the band will begin to play 'America, America, God shed His grace on thee' and then we will inaugurate a president that does not want to give grace to immigrants—of which he is one, from his family."

"We must challenge this nation until the day comes that we are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all," he concluded

What we must also change:  the damage bloated, greedy, amoral political consultants have wrought on the system.

We had Sanders who "came surprisingly close, and the nature of his unscripted challenge—saying whatever radical thing he wanted, drawing around him a deeply loyal phalanx of individuals concerned about fundamental issues of how we are now to make our living, and unwilling to be put off any longer by the glib reassurances of the establishment ...

and Donald Trump ... —sleeplessly padding the floors of his Tower condo high above the teeming crowds, ensconced alone in the early-morning Mar-a-Lago darkness with just his Twitter account for company" won

Miss Drake

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