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A Dutch TV documentary explains why congress must demand release of tax returns ...

These are important to watch and then read the framing commentary: business partners convicted and indicted businessmen, with connections to Russian oligarchs: it all starts in Trump tower:

Framing commentary: much blood and destruction (of workers, of people's houses and lands) on the hands of businessmen; Lev Lievev, one of circles of diamond businessmen with groups of gov't officials; connects back to Kushner this time:

Often crime is caught through the IRS prosecuting tax evasion: returns expose business practices, ties, money. This why Comey's investigation so important and should be carried on; of especial note is Laurence Tribe, much respected constitutional lawyer, writer about law, professor at Harvard, who outines case for impeachment.

At the same time it's no coincidence that Sessions re-starts 'war on drugs" (on black and poor people) re-instituting harsh mandatory long prison sentences where he can. This pleases part of the Trump base not connected to the wealthy. This connects to present US prison system (even with Holder's reforms):

I read a description of a new edition of a rare important diary about slavery in the Carribean at the end of the eighteenth centur in the review of the book. It is as ever horrifying genuinely to imagine what such a life is like and how a whole community of people can do this to another group of people. But another version of this is going on in our midst today and one can see how if people are not absolutely next to it, seeing it daily, then the horror goes on as long as the relatively few individuals empowered to keep the horror up are willing and supported by powerful members of the society.

Then this past Friday I participated in a group activity on behalf of incarcerated young people at the place where I teach. I didn't know what to expect and found that we were given poems written by young men (all black it seems, all in their teens or twenties) where they spoke of their anguish at the conditions they were living in. One young man, aged around 20 has been put in a facility where everyone regardless is put into solitary confinement for 18 months. There was a Frontline program on what the further realities of such a condition (solitary utterly) mean: humiliation upon humiliation and deprivation upon deprivation. Another was in a cell where he had not been given anything to do, and there was not even a clock. He could only tell what time it was by the light in the sky or lack of it. There was others. The US Attorney General is now asking that the harshest sentences for anyone offending in the criminal justice (injustice) system be meted out. One letter was about a young man given the death penalty in his early 20s where leniency was what should have happened. It was a first crime, an attempt to free his mother from abuse where he killed someone in an armed robbery.  I could go on. But in our midst is a population to whom analogous horrors are going on as in this 18th century travel book.

Last this mother's day is also Black Mama's Bail Out day: many black (and some white) poor women are held in jail because they have not the money for the bail, so an organization has worked to fund and produce money to pay this bail so these many women can be released on time for mother's day.

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