misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

Hillary Clinton's commencement address at Wellesley

I started to cry as she began to speak; that this is what we could have had; what we should have if the majority of Americans had been permitted to prevail and have a gov't that reflects their values and norms:

I have to admit though the opening and her frame of reference is not mine: I never dreamed big, I did not go to a college where every minute of my existence was plotted out; I did not change my hairstyle even once. And I wonder if she knows that the world is filled with people or women like me for whom this rhetoric does not resonate.

I must not hold this against her as only a woman like this could hope to hold a powerful office and exercise its duties and services in ways that the organization and all the millions in it could hold fast to some decency, which is what happened under Obama (and better than that).

When she was valedictorian and delivered a graduation address: 1969

Miss Drake
Tags: feminism, hillary clinton, human rights, politics, presidential campaign, social life

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