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Voter Suppression in Georgia: how to erode and destroy a democratic republic ...


The win of Republican Handel over Jon Ossoff tonight is significant because she won it by the state machinery repressing and erasing at least 50,000 votes. What is happening is Republicans are simply erasing thousands of votes of black and minority people (in the 6th congressional district of Georgia this means a considerable Korean population) by claiming these people voted in another state -- with no proof, no indictment, no court cases. They are throwing out voter ballots, voter forms signed so the people coming to the polls find they are not registered and cannot vote -- and have no recourse and no explanation. The old 'south" and Jim Crow is back.

Read about it: Greg Palast

The Republican rallies, all white, are shameless violent to any democrat who shows up; to reporters. Even more worrying, is Kris Kobach, the man Trump put at the head of an electoral commission to investigate non-existent fraud is going to use this method nation-wide. The vote in the US is not longer legitimate. Had they not suppressed the vote, Osoff would have won in the first round. The district itself is gerrymandered; at this point it has a large black population and a growing Korean one -- thousands and thousands were ruthlessly disenfranchised during this campaign. there has also been outrageous gerrymandering for a couple of decades by the Republicans. No, they don't play fair nor do they pretend to.  With Sessions at the head of Justice none of this will be protested or come to court. The ACLU has to try.

The Republican thinks they can take over the machinery of gov't and wipe out all progressive gains in the last 100 years this way. In 20 Republican states legislation has been introduced and passed to criminalize all sorts of aspects of public assembly and protest. Tonight Paul Ryan gloated the Republicans will pass their tax bill (to cut a trillion from US citizens' tax dollars and send it to war and the rich) and their gutted health plan (called -- ironically in my view -- the American Health Care plan). He thinks it's all clear sailing now.

Drip by drip; today disabled people protested and in wheelchairs were dragged away, arrested, accused of faking, dragged on the gound by the hair


A friend of mine urged me to read Rebecca Solnit's essay on Donald Trump. While I don't think DT is lonely, and (alas, see above) do not think this regime will crumble, and am not keen on folk myths as explanations (the fisherman and his wife), Solnit's description of Trump's failed business career, his sleazy and cutthroat semi-legal tactics, his rise through TV, is spot on.

But there is a sense that nothing that Solnit says here matters. The links to Hannah Arendt give us long philosophical views of decency, humanity



But they have no effect when it comes to the power that has been put in place.

What we are now seeing the slow gradual erosion of democracy and liberty. I mentioned last night that 20 republican states have begun legislation to criminalize demonstrations -- there will be no recourse to a justice department under Sessions. Harsher yet longer sentence is what he wants. But today on DemocracyNow she had several segments on the terrrozing and deportationt of Pakistanis from Brooklyn; a segman on hateful behavior spreading everywhere against Muslims, non-white people and no recourse.  Trump not appointing anyone for administrative positions destroys gov't by default; no protection, no action on behalf of the public.
It's clear where we are headed -- in fact those you describe are not the majority at all; the majority wanted Clinton; the majority want health care, gun control.

So the reason phone calls to senators and so on don't work is that those getting into power don't in the least care if they represent a majority; they have only to win no matter how from the point of view of democratic ideals illegitimately. It is legal what they are doing.

The FCC make no effort to control news any more. It is like the French ancien regime: those in charge were a minority but they have the power. In this s ense none of what Solnit had to say matters

How to change the situation goes further than getting more people to vote democratic in order to offset voter suppression?  You really need the equivalent of ALEC and you're not going to get it as ALEC is ruthless fascism. The only way fascism has been turned around is terrible war -- and weaponry is horrifying nowdays. We all have but one life.

Miss Drake
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