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You do know Trump's man at the FCC is about to kill the free and open internet

One day late:


But here I am now.

I am so glad that at long last the phrase "net neutrality" has been dropped as things become so serious. No one before explained that what is in store for us is turning the Internet into a form of cable TV.  Yes.  Let all the space be bought up by companies, and then they switch off everything they own, and then put back only "packages": what they are willing to choose for you to see, hear, and watch, each for a higher sum of money.  No more going where you want, no more writing yourself and reaching potentially millions or at least hundreds, or for most of us our friends, associates, people interested in what we are.

You do know without the free and open internet Obama would never have won. The Republicans in the US would not have this difficult problem of taking health care from millions because forsooth it depends on the very wealthy giving a little bit more taxes each --- cannot have this redistribution of income and opportunity even to keep someone alive and out of bankruptcy.

Make no mistake; this is what the loss of net neutrality means.  The places you are allowed to reach, or maybe post a bit will be heavily censured and big gun of copyright put before you: so you will be stifled of anything you might say or post that you don't have permission to.

And you do know that broadband access does not reach many rural areas as yet; some states (Republican controlled but some democratic ones too) and these new rules would spell the end of any attempt to bring the internet to people outside large cities -- the way Trump wants to defund Amtrak and all trains

This is what's in store except if the huge corporations who think they have a lot of lose win out -- for to no one else does the Trump kleptocracy listen.



We have now seen the supreme court let part of the Muslim ban stand and further corrode the separation of church and state and how peaceful protest in the streets gets you beat up (even if crippled in a wheelchair) and put in jail for months, maybe on a felony so you will never vote again.

Silent violence, that's the way. No one would listen to those of us who talked of the peril to this medium if Trump should be elected.

I repeat if this chairman gets his way the Internet will become another cable TV where we will only be able to access limited channels for huge sums and we will not be able to post ourselves, but the companies will cut off blogs like Naked Capitalism, Truthdig and (above all) DemocracyNow.org.

So many nights and days no one, no one tells the stories that are occurring that Amy Goodman and her group do, no one gets the good people who tell the truth clearly, her links abroad are astonishing. People like this new horror salivate at the thought of cutting her off.

And above all we will no longer be able to blog, post and do what we want.  Uses of copyright, people running ISPs will begin to censure heavily. Back to the 1950s. Think of the enclosure movement. For centuries land held in common and then starting in the later 16th century the wealthy saw a way to make huge sums from sheep, cattle, drain the land for themselves and kicked thousands and thousands off and they ended in these hideous factories

and of cousre it will be so much easier to roll back consumer protections, feeble as they already are:


Miss Drake
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