misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

Hillary in a New Yorker cover illustration

Dear all,

The New Yorker has release an illustration they said they would have published upon her winning the election. Have a look:

I don't believe it.  This is picture someone has drawn and colored since. It is about the deep sadness we all feel who realize how much improvement she might have made in our social existences through her power to make social agencies and laws and customs work well for the average person. Instead we have gone back 70 years in the areas of sex,  racism, immigration attitudes; Trump and his rump are trying to destroy what health care the Obama administration provided (a Republican plan, which is why it is so easy to destroy, as it's dependent on paying money at encounters by patients), polluting the environment, increasing insofar as they can mass incarceration of black people, stopping voting ... the list goes on. She would have put effective educated people at the head of the Environmental agency, housing, education, worked to control climate breakup.  What might have been. The light goes out as the moon goes down. A moon traditionally stands for a woman.

Had this been a depiction of Clinton after winning it would have been joyous with bright color and we would have seen images of her diligently at work for us all.

Miss Drake
Tags: feminism, politics, presidential campaign, sexual abuse, social life, trump menacing clown, womens lives

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