misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

Hilarious Trump Tune


A friend sent me this parodic song. It might (the way satire can) lift your spirits by its pithy exposures:

I wish the refrain were better:  it's a let-down because "it confounds the science" is not a powerful enough general word; the word does not contain enough in it. There are things that he continues to "confound" that are much more important and the word needs to cover these: like peace (he is angry because no one but him in power wants to start a nuclear war), like life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness (he wants huge guns for all, to imprison everyone who disagrees with him, kick out, impoverish or drive to suicide each non-white person, he would take health care from all but the rich, will never provide transportation of any kind, from trains, to roads, destroy women as people). So it continues to confound "hope for a decent life."

Miss Drake
Tags: capital punishment, capitalism, politics, social life, trump menacing clown, womens lives

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