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Shameless harm-doing liars; 7 forbidden words; Trump's new private CIA & army

I don't which is more important: the tax scam, Trump "mulling" over plans to create a new private CIA and army to do his bidding or the open contempt for democracy seen in forbidding the use of seven words in all official documents. Already no one can say aloud "climate change" in various departments lest they lose their job. Here's  a definition of the Trumpian lie: one so blatant, so transparent, so egregious checkably untrue, that its utterance is an exercipe of (sinister) power:  Martha Gesslen shows how the practice is spreading to Republicans.

I'll begin with the mulling of plans to once create a private army with CIA like agents; it's been reported in the Progressive Populist, the Intercept,Buzzfeed. I say again because this happened before: in Reagan's administration to destroy social democratic movements (Nicaragua for example) in Central America. Congress at the time objected to Oliver North's scheme to sell weapons to the gov't of Iran at the time to pay the Contra army. North has turned up again; a man pardoned by GWBush so the special prosecutor at the time could not proceed with his case; once again Erik Prince is active (founder of Blackwater). I find it chilling to learn that Prince and North are after the Arab people involved so long ago in the hijacking of Achille Lauro (where a Jewish hostage was killed).

The worry of course is this congress might not mind. I'll go the startling next as it shows the open contempt for freedom of speech.
Is there another modern state on earth calling itself a democracy where words are forbidden. I'm particularly struck by vulnerable and entitlement. There are no such things. No one is vulnerable. The state does not exist. You are not entitled to anything no matter what taxes or votes you have earned or recorded. Vulnerability is not permitted. Instead of science- and evidence-based gobbledy-gok. Has anyone got a passage from 1984 with a parallel set of texts handy?


Trump has won and everybody but the 1% in personal wealth and corporations in this tax scam His crowning achievement for the year of destruction of the US democracy and all social services (public education, housing) and decency (ICE just snatches people): the Triumph of the Oligarchs, Robert Reich calls it.  No more mortgage deduction over $750,000 so the middle class can't own property and have security (has anyone looked at the price of a house), no tax waivers for graduate education (grants for undergraduate educaton, Pell Grants, went long ago) fiddled with and made hard to get; no individual mandate, hollowing out of all funds, no deductions for egregious medical expenses (so you put into debt) -- so much for ACA and/or Obamacare. That makes us all subject to the banks.

The thing to remember is Republicans don't want a state except to make war to profit their private property,to expand that private property, and make more profit. So if no other legislation has passed that's fine with them. They are working on the next step which is to stop us voting.  It sickens me when I read of the two latest democrats who won (Doug Jones in Alabama and Ralph Northam in Virginia) talking about taking a bi-partisan approach.  That means they will cave to republicans the Obama did, Clinton befoe him. Susan Collins retires having shown her true colors: she pretends to believe in the future bills will be introduced to shore up ACA.

Until the Democrats make up their minds to stand for their constituences, this widening deepening rot will continue.

Miss Drake
Tags: freedom of speech, human abuse, human rights, immigration illegal war, politics, science, spying

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