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Have we crosssed another Rubicon?


The first occurred when the tape where Trump boasted of sexual predation didn't matter. There have been others since. But now I read in the NYTimes (would they lie? who took the poll &c) that 90% of Republicans are now behind Trump, more than ever since the outcry against his imprisoning immigrants of whatever stripe and snatching their children from them. There has been reporting on what these camp prisons are: death camps, no medical help,
deeply abusive. No desire at all to return these children to their kin. People applying legally for asylum in shackeles. The democrats have engineered the recent elections so centrists (who will do nothing to upset the corporate running of gov'ts or stop these outside-the-US direct slaughers) won. Maybe Trump does not need to be openly a dictator? I read today about the first years of Mussolini in power: they resembles Trump & his regime with a colluded election. Is there any reason or event that you can cite that suggests otherwise?

Is there anything he could do of which these people would not approve and move still closer to him? open fire on immigrants? he doesn't need to. Extermination camps? he's got mass incarceration and an utterly politicized deeply unjust criminal injustice system. That he and his regime are intent on purging voters, stopping people from voting is the one hope left. You cannot vote for a truly progressive candidate but you can vote for someone who would stop Trump from enacting his agenda using laws.

I see maybe I and others who think and feel like me may have been missing something, have to turn our kaleidoscope around differently. We have been seeing these mass slaughters by white men armed with frantically effective automatic guns as aberations. Maybe they are precisely what is wanted by those who put Trump in office -- the young white people in that privileged high school were ridiculed, jeered at for protesting their murder. Called communists. The pro-gun people truly don't mind the slaughters. They don't even regard it as a price. The young man who murdered 9 black people in a church was not declared insane. He said he told them he regretted it was necessary to kill them before he slaughtered them; these loyal Trump people agree it's regretful to cage children, but one must do what one must ....

The US as a gov't has a long history of doing separating non-white children from their families: a form of state terror and erasure: yes this has been and is us. In effect this morning the NYTimes shrugged.


They're coming to get the children now ...

Miss Drake
Tags: animal rights, feminism, global warming, human abuse, human rights, immigration, immigration illegal war, occupy movement, police, politics, social life, trump menacing clown, us social behavior, violence, war in syria, water-boarding

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