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Summer interlude

Friends, here are my two beloved cats, Clary (the tortoise) and Snuffy (aka Ian, all golden) photo taken by Laura yesterday before she and Izzy and two friends went to the Kennedy Center to see HamiltonThose volumes to the sides are a stack of printed Persuasions; and of course a dictionary (no room without its dictionary); they sitting in my still new sun-room just within the range of a sun-puddle

The day before izzy had gone to her fourth exhibit about Hamilton in DC: it was at the central DC Post Office at Union Station (transportation hub); as it happened there was a free concert of music, colonial and modern there that day so she stayed and enjoyed. (POTUS wants to privatize aka destroy the Post Office; anything anyone takes any joy from he wants to kill as since he knows no good emotions himself he does all he can to prevent anyone one from having any content unless he can inflict pain too.) Anthony Trollope whom I have spent years reading, writing about, teaching, devoted 37 years of his life building a non-corrupt post office in the UK .... he did say he feared his angelic mission was insufficiently appreciated.

The first magnolia on one of my trees in my new little classical (all symmetry, clarity, order, harmony) has bloomed --

a brief life I see is all any of us know ... below my beloved husband, Jim, at Glastonbury Cathedral, August 2005, photo take by Laura:

I tried to take time off from politics but discover as Orwell and Eliot (George) and Sand (George) said, all art is political

Miss Sylvia Drake
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