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Adam Hochschild & Danielle Ofri: On World War One. on today's Distraught Patients

The finest discussoion on WW1 and war in general  occurred today on podcasts and tonight on video of Amy Goodman interviewing Adam Hochschild:


The full context is the whole hour on November 11th

On a special angle of misery to come:
For a number of years I assigned Danielle Ofri's book Singular Intimacies to classes called Adv comp in the natural sciences and tech, and the research paper was on the experience of medicine psychologically and socially in the US today -- this is on the acute rise in anxiety and depression in US society in the recent couple of years..


One of the wonderful elements in Ofri's book Singular Intimacies is how after she has written down the gobbledygok kind of official explanation for what it is, then the medical terminology one, she switches registers and describe in human terms what we see and what the person says and seems to feel. It is a vindication of the subjective approach, l'ecriture-femme in context. My students always got that .  She is a kind of rival to Atul Gawande with his austere distanced approach, the compassionate masculine approach.  One term I did both together -- one summer.

I had lost heart when I posted on my latest writing project -- historical fiction and romance in story and film. I have resumed a modicum of hope after the election, and for now will keep up the tranference of political knowledge -- good essays, interviews, whatever materials are available to us all on the Net which might be overlooked by other readers.

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