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Incarcerated firefighters battle raging fires: $1 an hour: renewed slavery exploited by taxpayers

Women prisoners risking lives fighting fires -- utterly unjust sentences include separation from children

The most important story this week: for $1 an hour and time taken off their prison sentences they do very hard dangerous work


Do read it.  Think about why the two men respond the way they do. Then watch Ava Duvernay's 13th: a movie about the continued "intersection of racism, inequality and mass incarceration" of black men in the United States. You can stream it on Netflix. It deeply explores the economic history of slavery and post-Civil War racist legislation and practices that replaced it as "systems of racial control" and forced labor from the years after the abolition of slavery to the present

I was told they were not forced to do this; but they are, for many of them, even most are unfairly put into prison and for disproportionate long periods. The 13th amendment has a clause which specifically exempts imprisonment as punishment as a means of enslaving people.

The movie masterpiece, Selma, was by her too.

Directing David Oyelowo as King

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